Allergy-free Kids Have Had Plenty of Exposure to Farms & Dirt

Allergy-free Kids Have Had Plenty of Exposure to Farms & Dirt

Allergy-free kids you say? We came across a fascinating article from 2o15 that we just had to share the other day. It was from the Washington Post and it discussed how there is more evidence to suggest that kids who have plenty of exposure to dirt, cows and overall farm life will live more allergy-free than children who don’t. For some reason, Dairy farms as especially relevant in this discovery.

Specifically they have fewer asthma problems. Interestingly enough, researchers found a protein that doesn’t necessarily “prevent” allergies- but instead affects the ‘structural cells that make up the lining of the lung’.

“The research is related to something called the hygiene hypothesis, where a lack of exposure to microbes as a tyke leads to more allergy and asthma. It’s what leads microbiologists to say that the best thing you can do for your kid is roll them around on the floor of the subway. That may indeed be true (as long as you roll very, very carefully!) but there’s increasing evidence that farms have the best germs for preventing respiratory problems and allergic reactions later in life. One study found that just 25 percent of children living on Swiss farms reacted to common allergens like dust mites, pollen, animals  and mold, while 45 percent of children in the general population reacted.” Source.

This isn’t really news for us here on the farm… well, perhaps the scientific jargon is. But we’ve always believed that the more exposure you have to more things, the more likely you are to become immune. While I still sneeze around Hay, I think it’s just the dust!

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