Animal Trivia! Fun Facts About Dogs

Fun Facts About Dogs

Many of you spend countless hours with your dog(s) every week- but how much do you know about dogs otherwise? We found some fun facts perfect for trivia night you can enjoy below 🙂

  • –Puppies have 28 teeth, adult dogs have 42.
  • –Does your dog chase their tail? Some dogs do that when they are nervous, or stressed. Not to worry, often times it’s just instinct, curiosity and the desire for exercise.
  • –Next time you play the Beatles song, “Day In the Life” – have your dog around to see if he reacts to the song. Supposedly Paul McCartney recorded high pitches only dogs can hear using an ultrasonic whistle with his own dog in mind.
  • –Yes, your dog really does dream! Just like humans, dogs have the same type of slow wave sleep as well as rapid eye movement. Twitchy paws and tails are the best indicator that it’s occurring.
  • –Dogs can see in the dark. Their eyes have a special membrane, tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see at night.
  • –According to this poll, 72% of dogs are able to sense when a storm is coming.
  • –Dogs regular temperature is higher than a humans. While we temp around 98.6F, Dogs should be between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above or below and they should be seen by a vet ASAP.
  • –Dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet!
  • –Dogs only have 1,700 tastebuds compared to a humans 9000.
  • –Humans hear best around 2000hz (hertz) whereas dogs hear best at 8000hz.
  • –Ever wonder why dogs like to kick after they go to the bathroom? They’re leaving their scent behind with their paws to mark their territory…again.
  • –72.9 million homes, or 62% of all Americans have a pet in their home.
  • –Dogs noses are wet because the thin layer of mucus helps them smell better. It catches scent, which they then lick to taste.

Stay tuned for more fun facts about different animals you may have in your home.

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