The benefits of drinking Coffee

The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Boston's North End Coffee Blend

If you’re anything like my mother or I, you live for your coffee in the morning. There’s a sense of comfort in that mug you won’t find anywhere else. Every coffee lover at one point or another has come across the many claims that suggest coffee isn’t good for you on a regular basis. However, like with most pleasures in life, everything in moderation is a phrase to live by and key for your coffee consumption. There are actually several benefits of drinking coffee that you can learn about below. You may find yourself enjoying that cup more than you ever thought possible!

What is Coffee?

Did you know coffee beans are actually technically seeds from a fruit plant? It’s true! The coffee plant, or genus Coffea is native to tropical regions such as Africa and Madagascar but is now being cultivated in over 70 countries. Coffee plants/trees grow what are called Coffee cherries, which are full of seeds which we call coffee beans. It takes over a year for a coffee cherry to mature, and 5 years before it is in full production- thankfully coffee plants can live for 100 years so the wait pays off.
The part you probably know? The beans from the coffee cherries are ground up and become the coffee you brew with hot water in your machine. Yum!

Here are just some of many benefits of drinking coffee you should know about!

Post Work-out Muscle Aid

For those who work out every morning, first of all- bravo! You’re clearly already on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Do your muscles a favor and drink that coffee up after you exercise. According to the Journal of Pain from 2007, 48% of post-workout muscle pain can be cut out of your life forever from just two delicious cups of coffee. Between that and a foam roller, you’ll be feeling great!

Lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

From the Archives of Internal Medicine, coffee drinkers who had 6 or more cups a day of coffee had a 22% lower risk of diabetes. Apparently, research suggests the risk decreases by 9% for every cup consumed! More of a decaf drinker? You’ll still enjoy a 6% decrease in risk. Keep in mind, we’re talking minimal (to no) sugar or else you’re basically defeating the benefit 😉

Less Risk of Heart Disease

There’s a reason why you love coffee, it’s good for your heart! Korean research found that those who had 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day lowered the likelihood of showing the early signs of heart disease. Keep in mind, the diet in Korea is extremely different than those of us in America. That may be significant in these findings.

Good source of Fiber

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reveals that a single cup of brewed coffee can offer up to 1.8 grams of fiber. Considering 20-38 grams of fiber is recommended every day, you could be 10% of the way there by the time you finish that second cup.

Cavity Protection

Brazilian researchers reported that strong black coffee has the power to kill the tooth decay causing bacteria found on teeth. If black coffee is your favorite, you’re in luck! Those who prefer milk, cream and or sugar however, will need to read on. Any additive to your mug of coffee will negate the benefit.


One serving of coffee, believe it or not, contains more antioxidants than an average service of fruit such as raspberries, oranges and blueberries. Those antioxidants may reduce inflammation (and diseases associated with it). Keep in mind, decaf coffee often loses said antioxidants in the process of losing its caffine.

Keep checking back for more educational posts on the benefits of coffee and other popular beverages 🙂


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