The Country Store is more important to us than ever!

So many small businesses like ours have been facing challenges throughout the last year (!) of this pandemic. Suddenly the predictable revenue streams disappeared overnight and many were left scrambling to find new ones. Fortunately for us, we already had the Country Store fully operational- but we never had to rely on it as much as we did in the Spring of 2020 and beyond. Usually the months of May and June are booked solid with school field trips, July/August features summer programs, weekends we would host birthday parties and occasional Open Farm Days- but not last year (or this year either I expect)… When you’re only able to be open for 6 months of the year, losing any piece of business can be devastating – let alone all of it!

I wanted to share this wonderful article written about us in the Patriot Ledger because without it I don’t know if we’d have kicked off last year’s attempt to pivot as effectively. This article came out before we decided to introduce Family Animal Encounters– and the number of orders that came through as a direct result was nothing short of a miracle. If I get started on the incredible show of support from everyone who would later book an animal visit (or in many cases, multiple), I’ll never shut up. All I’ll say is we are so lucky to have you.

Thank you to everyone in our local community who have supported us in this last year and those afar who took advantage of our ability to ship your orders to you. Whether you made a purchase, came to visit, did your holiday shopping through us or simply spread the word to your friends and family… I will never forget how much you all have rallied around us.

With so many things still feeling uncertain, we are still working to find a new normal in our offerings. We will still need you! But I am excited for what we have for you this coming season. Stay tuned for more info!

2019 Summer Learning Programs in Scituate MA – Registration Open!

Ready for 2019 Summer Learning Programs in Scituate MA at Dalby Farm? We are!

We are happy to start accepting registrations for our 2019 Summer learning programs as of today! Usually we will wait until February but with the demand from last year we figured it couldn’t hurt to open earlier.

This way we may be able to accommodate more kids/line up more help. Time will tell!

Please visit and learn more about our Pre-K (3 &4 year olds) and K-8th Grade learning programs.

Dalby Farm’s summer programs are interactive learning experiences that expose youngsters to animals, plants and the importance of nature in a safe, positive way.

With daily themes specially tailored for each age group, our participants learn through presentations, crafts and games about the critical role that our environment plays and its effect on living things within it.

Outdoor, hands-on activities let kids interact with our animals and provides them with the opportunity to take advantage of all the resources of a real farm.

Holiday Wishlist for The Farm

As you can see we are here today to mention the Holiday Wishlist for the Farm. Here at Dalby, we love to encourage purchases from our shop because it helps us get through the cold winter. We are closed and unable to offer any programs that lead to revenue streams.

One of our dear supporters suggested that we try something new. For those who want to support the farm but don’t necessarily desire anything from our country store- we started an Amazon Wishlist. Here you will find some items that would greatly assist us get through the Winter. We’re talking simple supplies such as grain barrels, heated water buckets and even some new collars for the goats.

Even if you simply choose to spread the word about us we are thrilled. Anything you can do to help get the word out so we can continue to house rare farm breeds and educate our community about them, matters.

Here’s the link to our Holiday Wishlist for the Farm on Amazon. Should you choose to make a purchase you will see that our address propagates in the shipping addresses so it is very simple to complete an order 🙂

Thank you <3

Winter Onederland Party Favors

Let’s chat about Winter Onederland Party Favors, shall we? Everybody knows the key to a memorable party is in the details. Even if your 1 year old won’t remember, you and your guests will!

Winter babies are both a ton of fun and yet difficult to plan parties for.  It is tricky figuring out how to incorporate the season without confusing it as a Holiday party.

With the popular Winter Onederland theme, the possibilities are truly endless. You just need to center your theme and run with it!

I will get into the other details of my daughter’s Winter Onederland first birthday party in future post- but for now, we’ll take a look at Winter Onederland Party Favors.


Less is more

People get easily overwhelmed when it comes to party planning. Often times the easiest things are tossed by the wayside simply because the execution appears to be too much work.

I felt the same way until I took a step back and considered my goals:

  • Everyone leaves with something in their hand.
  • It is homemade.
  • The theme is somehow represented.

I only had 25 guests to plan for, so there were plenty of relatively low-effort options to choose from.

For me, Winter Onederland meant snowflakes and pink. As you’ll read in future posts, I incorporated this in every element I could from plates to decorations. The question remained: What will my Winter Onederland party favors be?

Comfort vs. Complexity

We’ve all had Pinterest fails and have felt disappointed by them. Avoid that by selecting a favor idea that is within your ability and comfort zone.

Baking is a fun hobby and passion of mine, but I was on a deadline. With a 1 year old and another baby due in just a few months I don’t have time during the week to bake 25 cookies. I had to pick something that could last.

I finally settled on candy melt lollipops set into the shape of snowflakes. A quick purchase of pink and white candy melts and a $2.00 snowflake mold later, I was in business. I hopped over to Amazon and found some simple snowflake gift bags, and added a bag of silver Hershey kisses. Thanks to this country store I already had pink ribbon on hand to use to tie the bags / finish them off. Boom.

One Woman Assembly – it can be done!

It was really easy to get these Winter Onederland Party Favors put together. Although it would have been nice to have help from a friend or spouse- following an organized process will make it a quick and easy hour spent.

  • Have all of your ingredients at the ready: Melts in their respective bowls, spoons for each, have the clean candy mold on hand with the sticks nearby.
    On another table have your Hershey kisses, gift bags, scissors and ribbon to secure the bags with.
  • Have a plan: Once the candy is melted (smooth and warm), fill the mold in the way you like.For me, I filled the snowflake with white andfilled the background with the pink.Place the sticks 1″ into the filled mold. Scoop a little more candy melt onto the insertedportion of the stick if you can still see its outline. Work fast, the candy doesn’t stay warm long.Once your mold is full, you may either refrigerate for 10-15 minutes, or you can stick it in the freezer for 5-10.
  • Multitask! Once you’ve pulled out your first batch of lollipops, plop them out of their mold. Wrap them in saran. Go to your table. Put thedesired amount of kisses in the bottom of the bag and place the wrapped lollipop in front of them. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it twice as close to the lollipop as possible (where the stick meets the candy). Use the scissors to twirl the ribbon and voila!Repeat these steps as many times as necessary and before you know it, you’ll have your Winter Onederland Party Favors!


Not feeling it? No sweat! Maybe we have something in our shop you would enjoy more! Might we suggest visiting Sophie’s Bath & Spa for some seasonal soaps?  Nothing, I mean nothings, beats the scent of holiday soaps!

Unique Christmas Gifts from Dalby Farm Country Store

Shop Unique Christmas Gifts from Dalby Farm Country Store this Holiday season!

Shop for a cause!

For as long as I can remember, every Winter the farm has struggled to make ends meet. Animals need food, shelter and general upkeep no matter the time of year. The farm is limited in revenue ability. Since we are not able to offer animal tours or any of our other programs during these cold months, we rely on the sales made in our small and humble Country Store to help us get through. My mom, Cheryl, works incredibly hard to curate unique products of high quality and appeal. She even assembles the gift baskets and crates herself with her own artistic & creative flare. A ton of heart goes into this country store and I like to think that is evident the moment you walk in. Each time you purchase your holiday gifts from us you are essentially giving two gifts for the price of one, as the money earned goes right back toward farm operations and animal care.

So many options!

Let a loved one relax with a ‘Royal Treatment’ Spa Gift Crate- featuring a luxurious sea wool sponge and specialty goat milk soap & lotion. Treat a food lover with a gift pack from Nana’s Pantry – very popular!  Choose from the Pickle Lovers, Very Berry, BBQ and Fruit Butter packs- which consist of all natural & delicious jams, condiments & butters. All for a great price!

Otherwise, Nate’s Fruity Sampler, the Tea Lover’s Delight or the Honey sampler gift crates never disappoint! Country Home enthusiasts will love the selection of rustic decor – whether it be holiday themed or for year-round enjoyment! Even the cats & dogs can get a special treat!

We’re not a big box business but isn’t that awesome?

I understand that Amazon and other big corporate giants are hard to resist around the holidays. I also understand that not everyone can afford to support small local shops like ours because prices are inevitably a little higher.

Please keep in mind we have a lot of great options under $10 that will still impress! Your money goes to a better place; it puts grain in the rare Arapawa Island Goats (Satuit, Shane, Maggie & Chrissy) bellies, and hay in their racks. It gives Pumpkin the Ossabaw Island Hog plenty of straw to keep warm within his house. Your money gives our American Chinchilla rabbits, like Benjamin, water heaters so they have access to fresh water at all times. Nobody likes ice instead of water! The list goes on and on.

Not only will your recipient enjoy the items you’ve picked out for them, but they’ll also love knowing a rare farm breed is living a little bit more comfortably as a result of your generosity!

Patriot Ledger features Dalby Farm 7.3.17

Patriot Ledger features Dalby Farm

All of us at Dalby Farm were so excited to hear that a couple folks from the Patriot Ledger would be dropping by the farm during our July Open Farm day to speak with our owner Cheryl. They expressed interest in learning about our mission, our history and our many offerings.

We have copied the article below so you can read it right from here- alternatively head over to to read it on-site. It’s also in the physical paper 😉

We hope to see you all at Dalby Farm this Summer at one of our Open Farm Days, for a birthday party, to shop in our store– or even Farm Yoga!
We also have a Ladies Fitness Club starting in August I can’t recommend enough!

Scituate farm offers up-close look at uncommon farm animals

SCITUATE – With some coaxing, Satuit, a black and white goat with long, curved horns, wandered over for some attention from visitors who reached into his pen to pet his back.

“He’s such a good boy,” said Cheryl Bowen-DiTommaso, owner of the friendly goat, whose name is a Native American Wampanoag word that “Scituate” is likely derived from. “Everyone loves Satuit. How could you not?”

To the untrained eye, 15-year-old Satuit seems much like any other goat. But he’s one of just 350 Arapawa Island goats left in the world, and one of the rare-breed farm animals that call Dalby Farm home.

“People don’t think of farm animals as being critical, but 99 percent of our animals are rare,” said Bowen-DiTommaso, who owns the Grove Street farm with her husband, Joel DiTommaso. “These animals are ambassadors of their breeds.”

Dalby Farm has been in Bowen-DiTommaso’s family since 1861, when John Dalby came to Scituate from England and started a poultry farm. After reading an article about protecting endangered and threatened farm animals, the DiTommasos decided to transform the property into a space to raise awareness about animals and nature.

The family got their first rare animals – Satuit’s mother and another Arapawa Island goat – through Plimouth Plantation’s rare breed program about 15 years ago. Satuit was one of the first rare farm animals born at Dalby Farm.

The farm is now home to farm animals ranging from rare poultry to rare livestock, including Pumpkin, a 10-year-old Ossabaw Island pig, and chinchilla rabbits named Bonnie, Baxter and Bailey.

Ellen Williams and her son Dwight, 6, were among the many visitors to Dalby Farm on Sunday for its open house. A Scituate native, Ellen Williams said her family now lives in South America and visits each summer.

“I’m surprised I’ve never heard about this farm before. It’s really fantastic,” she said. “We will definitely come back.”

Bowen-DiTommaso said the main goal of the farm is to educate people about the importance of conservation and preservation, including saving rare-breed animals before it’s too late. To maximize profits, Bowen-DiTommaso said farmers have started creating hybrid farm animals that have preferred characteristics, but that can be vulnerable to things like diseases.

“If we don’t take care of our rare breeds with hardy and good attributes, we will have nothing to draw from in the future,” she said, adding that the farm partners with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy in its mission.

Dalby Farm offers summer and school enrichment programs for children, birthday parties, tours and field trips and other community events. The farm also runs a country store, both on site and online, that sells all-natural condiments, goat milk soaps and lotions and other items to help support the care and breeding of the animals.

The farm’s next open house will run from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 6. For more information about Dalby Farm, visit

Duck Eggs for Baking – Better than Chicken Eggs?

Duck Eggs for Baking

Have you ever considered purchasing some Duck eggs for baking from Dalby Farm? Probably not right? In fact, I bet you didn’t even know it was an option.

Well for a long time my father didn’t much see the point in holding on to all the eggs that came from our ducks- not until I had something to say about it anyway!

One think you wouldn’t know about me is that I love to bake in my spare time. While I may not be the best savory cook, I am fearless when it comes to trying a new baked good recipe.

It should be no surprise to anybody who knows me that once I found out Duck eggs for baking were better to use than your average chicken egg- I wanted everyone to know about it too!

Why are they better?

First of all, as long as you’re getting fresh eggs right off a farm that treats the birds with respect- you’re already off to a great start. If the thought of using duck eggs doesn’t do much for you because of price (they are more expensive) or for whatever reason- I get it. But there may be a few points here that lead you to giving them a shot.

If you were to ask those who routinely use duck eggs, they’ll tell you they taste a lot better than a chicken egg. I can’t say either way- that’s for you to decide.

For one thing duck eggs are much bigger- about 20 grams in weight bigger (50 vs. 70).

Duck egg shells are also much thicker, and many say you can get away with keeping them in your fridge for longer. Most suggest, however, that you use them within a week or so. Though rumor has it, if your plans are to make a meringue, make sure your eggs are at least a week old.

If your recipe calls for more yolk than egg white- duck eggs are your best friend. Their yolks are way bigger than a chicken!


Here’s the part most people are curious about. What’s the deal with duck egg nutrition vs. chicken egg?

-There are a few more calories in Duck eggs (obviously- the size alone would indicate that!)

-There is higher protein in a duck egg.

-The vitamin and mineral content is higher in duck eggs.

-For better or worse they have a higher cholesterol content.

Why use Duck eggs for baking?

The higher fat content in duck eggs make cakes rise higher, give meringues more volume and stability.
You substitute one duck egg for every chicken egg (no more and no less) – and yet- the baked good WILL be more fluffy.
You’ll also have richer sweets because of the larger yolk.

If you are baking for someone who needs gluten free, they’ll be pleased to get some of the ‘body’ back in their baked goods that is lost without the gluten.

Give it a shot!

We won’t ALWAYS have duck eggs available for sale because the ladies only lay during certain points in the year. However, we will post on FB when we do. We will sell them by the half dozen.

Duck Eggs for Baking

Nana’s Pantry is full of great jams and preserves perfect for baking! Browse now!

Thanks for reading we hope you give it some thought <3



Dalby Farm Products now available at Scituate Village Market!

Our family is thrilled to announce that you can now purchase your favorite items at the Village Market in Scituate Harbor! While it may not be a far drive, those who live on the other side of town no longer need to trek all the way over to the West End to re-up on your favorite condiments or preserves.

Keep an eye out for seasonal offerings as well. We will be actively adding different varieties as the seasons change, we know you’ll want your Fig preserves!

We look forward to continuing our efforts to expand your accessibility to our products. We’ll let you know each and every time we make the shelves of another local establishment <3

Always adding more!

Have you looked around our General store lately? Right now we have some great festive and patriotic items perfect for your home! We continuously add to our inventory so be sure to come back every so often to make sure you aren’t missing out on something perfect for you!

And to those locals out there with families and young children, the farm is still accepting registrations for our Summer Learning Experience for kids Kindergarten through 8th grade! As you know this is a great opportunity to get your children away from screens and out into nature. They will make great friends and connections with those who share the same heart for animals and the environment. The crafts, games and ‘free time’ are always favorites!

Finally, for any adults who wish they could have their own experiences on the farm, we get it. Andrea Lynne Skane is hosting outdoor Yoga every single Thursday through October from 6:30 to 7:30pm. All we ask is you bring $12, your own yoga mat and a water bottle. Otherwise, get ready to find your center and relax on a beautiful scenic farm landscape with the animals as your soundtrack.

Dalby Farm Products available at Village Market

Thanks for being a supporter of our family owned and operated rare breeds farm 🙂

Weekly Outdoor Yoga on the Farm has begun!

Outdoor Yoga on the Farm

$12 cash drop in / $40 4-class pass (sign up here)

We are so excited to bring to you new programs to enjoy at Dalby Farm! Including (but not limited to) outdoor yoga on the farm!

As much as we love our mission of encouraging young children to cherish and learn to care for rare breeds and the environment, we also care about other members of our community: adults!

These days it’s important for everyone to form genuine connections with nature- which is why Andrea Lynne Skane, a South Shore Photographer and Yoga instructor- is now running Outdoor Yoga classes every Thursday night on the property.

Classes run from 6:30-7:30pm (weather permitting), and will continue through October. That means you have plenty of time to take advantage!

With stress being an unavoidable part of adulthood, we believe there is no better way to keep it at bay than with regular yoga practice.

Take yourself out of the stuffy studio and into the beautiful farm landscape and you’ll find your spirit refreshed, renewed and ready to push through the rest of the week.

Change it up!

This class is designed for all levels to participate so if you’ve never done Yoga before, never fear. If you need any kind of modifications, Andrea will be able to accommodate.

The main focus of this class is to center yourself with breathing and guided meditation.

We welcome ages 12+, though we encourage anyone under 16 to be accompanied by an adult- or at the very least- to have an adult present to sign a simple waiver at the beginning of the class.

Please keep an eye out for more Fitness on the Farm programs! We are excited to introduce this next chapter of our offerings to you. If you have any suggestions, or would like to lead a class of your own- please reach out to

Outdoor Yoga on the Farm

About your instructor

Andrea is a yoga teacher & photographer on the South Shore where she is known for leading outdoor, movement based, community events – a combination of walking, hiking, and playful yoga flow!

As a graduate from Transformational Yoga Teacher Training at Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, Andrea focuses on a highly aligned, breath centered practice that is infused with energetics and guided meditation. This unique Vinyasa based training has empowered her to create fun sequences that are safe and appropriate for all bodies!

You can also find her teaching weekly classes at The Yoga Room in Norwell or adventuring in Wompatuck State Park with her pup!

Andrea is a certified Reiki Master and has also completed trainings in:

-Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra
-Yoga for Mood Disorders
-Yin Yoga
-Prenatal Yoga
-Thai Yoga Massage
-Restorative Aerial Yoga

Visit her website.


Homemade All-Natural Tick Repellent

Homemade All-Natural Tick Repellent

We are big fans of warm weather, in fact several members of our family live for it. That being said, there are certain realities that come with the joys of being outside and one of them is no joke: Ticks. Fortunately there are homemade all-natural tick repellent options out there for those of you who don’t want to lather up in dangerous chemicals.

With so many options out there (just Google it to see what I mean!) it can be intimidating when trying to figure out the best recipe. Plus, if you’re looking to protect your pets as well- you’ll have even more work cut out for you. Not to worry. Over the coming months we’ll explore (and experiment with) different versions of repellent out there so you won’t have to wonder as much.

The first recipe we found is as follows (Thanks Mommypotamus!)

Ingredients for Water-based Recipe

  • 2 oz. apple cider vinegar, or vodka
  • 2 oz. water
  • 20-40 drops of either geranium bourbon essential oil, citronella essential oil, lemon eucalyptus essential oil, or catnip essential oil (Or a mixture of any of these essential oils as long as the total amount used is 20-40 drops. They say catnip doesn’t smell all that great)
  • Optional – 1/2 teaspoon glycerin to help the scent last longer
  • Spray bottle (glass or PET plastic- safe, so the oils don’t leach chemicals from the plastic!)

Make it

First add your geranium oil to the apple cider vinegar (or vodka). If you have castile soap, add a squirt in and let it sit a minute before stirring. Add the water and pour it in to your spray bottle. To use, spray well and apply to your skin and clothes before going outside.

If you visit Mommypotamus, you’ll see there are other versions of this great recipe- both an oil based and a lotion based version. Very simple to make!! The question really is how effective it is. We’ll update this post in a few weeks once we’ve had some good use of this one. Good luck out there!

Now that it’s Spring aka Garden time- your hands probably need some help:

Try our Gardener’s Friend Hand Scrub Soap!

Featured on A Farm Girl In The Making

It was an honor to be featured on A Farm Girl in the Making. What a great website. Click to visit the website to see the article, or read the piece below:

A Farm Girl in the Making

Heritage breeds have a strong place in our hearts, and we encourage all homesteaders to visit the Livestock Conservancy’s website to learn about which poultry or livestock breeds need help in maintaining their existence.  Then, in a true homesteading fashion, raise these farm animals in the manner which best meets their needs.

When the decision was made to begin our homesteading journey, we knew immediately that preserving the existence of threatened farm animals would be a goal of ours.  We have been blessed to be given the opportunity to raise 6 breeds found on the LCL (Livestock Conservancy List), and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The decline of many heritage breeds began in 1916 when the first self-serve grocery opened, the Piggly Wiggly, in Memphis, Tennessee.  People decided that convenience took priority over raising their own food, and in the drop of an eye the world began to change.  Small livestock and poultry were no longer needed, and the breeds began to become harder to find.

Recently we have had the pleasure in speaking to Kendall of Dalby Farm.  This small family owned farm is working to preserve rare farm animals on a larger scale, and you know this melts my heart.

Dalby Farm isn’t just a preserve, they have opened their farm to the public in hopes to education through tours and special events.  These activities, along with a small shop (which sells soaps, lotions, honey and jellies) generates funds to maintain their farm.

Please take a minute and continue reading, maybe even consider making a donation – either by purchasing from their shop or by supporting their Go-Fund-Me account.  Honestly, this is a great cause and one many homesteaders and farmers should get behind.


Since the early 2000’s, Dalby Farm in Scituate, MA has been working on a difficult mission: Educate the community about the importance of preserving rare farm breeds and encourage environmental conservation.

Home to many rare farm breeds ranging from rare poultry to livestock, the family owned and operated farm offers multiple educational programs and events.

Shane, the rare Arapawa Island Goat. There are only 300 in existence.

 Dalby Farm is a popular spot for school field trips, birthday parties and summer learning programs, children are given positive experiences with plants and animals in hopes that they will carry a new appreciation for nature with them into the world after they leave.

In the face of global warming and other severe environmental threats, it is more important than ever to instill a sense of responsibility in the up and coming generations.  It has become clear that the future of our planet’s wellbeing is not only in our hands, but our children’s as well. Without proper exposure, it is fearful that children will lack the personal context needed to become the advocates the environment and its creatures need so badly.

They have certainly had success creating a local force of young Dalby Farm Rare Breed Enthusiasts, proving their concept. Many of their current Summer Program counselors began as young participants who kept coming back until they aged out. In just 8 days between two Summer sessions, bonds are made between the children and the animals that more often than not result in enrollment year to year.

Unfortunately, the farm cannot run on passion alone. New England has its fair share of imminent weather, which forces the farm to close for nearly 6 months of the year. Revenue streams are limited during the Fall and Winter months but the price of feed and general upkeep remains consistent and overwhelming.

To make matters more complicated, key members of the family have struggled with debilitating health conditions that currently hinder their ability to expand. Even so, the family of five pushes on- taking every penny earned from farm offerings and putting it right back into operations.

Without government funding, a non-profit status or even regular donations, the family needed to create an opportunity for supporters near and far to help keep the farm running. That’s why you should consider a purchase from the Dalby Farm Country Store.

The store features specialty goat milk soaps and lotions, all natural preserves, jams, honey and condiments, pet treats and cute, country home décor. It is also a great resource for rustic holiday décor, unique gift crates and Jar of the Month club subscriptions. Every purchase helps the family improve educational programs, bring new rare life to the farm and will hopefully allow them to hire help outside of the family one day.  The online store also gives the option to make a donation to the creation of their much needed duck pond for those only interested in sending some financial aid.

Every sale makes a difference and has the power to help a worthy cause grow in effectiveness. Over the coming years, the farm has hopes of creating interactive, educational online content so more people in more places can develop relationships with not only the rare farm breeds living at Dalby Farm, but all animals facing the threat of endangerment and extinction.

In the meantime, our blog is regularly updated several times a week with informative entries on how you can become a better steward of our planet.  You can also follow our journey on Facebook at Dalby Farm and stay up to date with our efforts.


As you homestead think about the impact you can make in this journey, and hopefully this will lead you to help restore the existence of many poultry and livestock.  If you’re able to contribute to keeping Dalby Farm going, Justin and I thank you.  If not, be the change on your homestead and make a conscious effort on the livestock you bring to it.

Use Vinegar instead of Round-Up for Weeds

Use Vinegar instead of Round-Up for Weeds

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to take care of the weeds in your yard? Ditch the harmful chemicals, use vinegar instead of Round-up (white distilled).

Spare the environment the chemicals from using products like Round-Up. No matter what the labels say or how they try to market it, Round-up is not biodegradable or eco-friendly. In fact there’s a lot of research out there on the internet to support the incredible danger it poses to human cells, animals, trees and many plants.

From an article on

““Moreover, the proprietary mixtures available on the market could cause cell damage and even death [at the] residual levels” found on Roundup-treated crops, such as soybeans, alfalfa and corn, or lawns and gardens.

The research team suspects that Roundup might cause pregnancy problems by interfering with hormone production, possibly leading to abnormal fetal development, low birth weights or miscarriages.”

Um. Horrifying much?

It works

How about we steer clear from this product and look at easier, healthier ways. I found a great article from where Kevin proves white distilled vinegar is the a great way to kill weeds in gravel paths, brick walk ways and stone paths. This was their before and after:

Use Vinegar instead of Round-up Use vinegar instead of round-up

These pictures were taken 24 hours apart!! Pretty impressive. They applied the vinegar with your average pump-strayer. It must be pointed out that some weeds may not succumb as easily or even at all.

Where the vinegar is applied must be thought out carefully. If the vinegar were to come in to contact with plants you want to keep alive, you may be out of luck. That’s why it is suggested to put it in areas that are weed-ridden, not on your lawn! You could live to regret that move 🙂

We hope this solution works out for you, we know it will do good for the planet. Please avoid harmful chemicals at all costs.


Join us in June for some Outdoor Yoga on the Farm!

Outdoor Yoga on the Farm

Okay we know, it’s not Goat Yoga… but it’s yoga near goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and more! Many are rare breeds! Plus you get to be outside and away from any bruising hooves and you can keep your palms out of excrement 😉 Some of the proceeds are donated directly back to our animals so we can continue our educational programs. Everyone wins!

We have been chatting with South Shore Yoga instructor and photographer Andrea Lynne Skane for the last few months discussing the possibility of creating a unique experience for young adults and adults alike. We’re branching out from our usual education based learning programs and trying to give our local adults some fun on the farm too.  Please join us on Thursday nights starting June 1st from 6:30pm-7:30pm for an all levels outdoor flow. Beginners are welcome!


Classes are every Thursday starting in June-October, 6:30-7:30pm.
All levels – beginners welcome.

$12 cash drop-in / $40 4-class pass (Cash or check please; Paypal in advance is accepted

By now we’re sure you’ve heard of Goat Yoga, and while we can’t offer you that (our gang is too big and heavy, even the kids Lottie & Iris!), we’re happy to give you Yoga near rare and/or endangered goats, and chickens, and ducks, and more!

Relax and enjoy the outdoors with this playful yoga flow lead by South Shore yoga teacher & photographer Andrea Lynne Skane. We will focus on a highly aligned, breath centered practice that is infused with energetics and guided meditation. This is an all levels class, beginners welcome. Connect with yourself and with nature while being surrounded by well-loved animals on a scenic farm landscape.

This class is not exclusive to adults, ages 12+ are welcome to sign up. However, anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If under 18, we’ll need a parental signature on the initial waiver at their first class.

This is an all levels class. Beginners are absolutely welcome!!

*Classes weather permitting, times may change in the fall with daylight savings*

Please plan to bring water and a yoga mat or towel to practice on.  Use the form below to pre-register for your 4-class pass.

Drop-ins should arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time so we can get you checked in.”

Whether you are an advanced yoga student or someone who is just starting their journey- we encourage you to give this class a chance. Bring some friends or members of your family. Andrea will be leading a relaxed, breath centered flow with energetics and guided meditation.

Outdoor Yoga on the Farm

Earth Day Can Be Every Day

Earth Day Can Be Every Day

Today, April 22nd, 2017, is Earth Day. It’s a nice idea and all but to be honest, this “holiday” is pretty insulting these days. It’s no secret our planet is having a hard time as a result of years and years of greed and willful ignorance. For us to dedicate one day a year to the Earth is ridiculous. Every day can be Earth Day, and it should be.

In any case, my complaints won’t make a single difference, so let’s focus on what we can be doing every day to help the planet. If enough of us participate in even the smallest of thoughtful activities, perhaps we can make a big impact. It’s worth a shot, this is our only home after all.

Simple things

When I say we can help the planet, I don’t mean we need to be traveling the world spreading the word and trying to influence hundreds of people. I mean, think of the little things you do during your every day life that carry short or long term consequences to the planet. Consider the following:

-Bring cloth bags to the grocery store. Stop encouraging the manufacturing of plastic waste.

-Walk, ride your bike, take public transit where possible. Decrease your carbon footprint.

-Grow your own food. Stop relying on big agriculture as they are doing plenty of harm to our planet with their current practices.

-Plant bee-friendly plants and flowers.

-Get yourself and your children outside. Help them appreciate this planet so they will take good care of it as they grow up. Their generation has a better chance of understanding the impact of our actions than most of others at this point (as sad as that is to say).

-Fix all leaky faucets and shower heads so you are not leaking (and wasting) water.

-Don’t use pesticides. You don’t need them. There are other ways to get rid of weeds etc. that are natural and won’t hurt the environment.

-Don’t buy bottled water. Purchase a reusable bottle. It will cut down on waste and can be used for years.

Earth Day can be every day

Your children are the Earths best shot at seeing significant improvements over the next several decades. Dalby Farm spends every Spring Summer & Fall  helping kids learn how to better care for the planet- allowing them to develop meaningful relationships with animals, plants, and insects. We believe (and have seen) that these experiences early in life lead to a more environmentally-concsious lifestyle as they grow. Consider booking a birthday party or enrolling your child in our summer learning programs to start them on an eco-friendly path today 🙂


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift ideas

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14th. Do you usually have specific traditions or is it your job to find something new and exciting every year? Do you celebrate your mom or all your mom friends? We have some Mother’s Day gift ideas that every mom will love!

In our household, as long as my mother gets to do what she wants, that’s all that matters to me. Oh, well- she also needs to have a dessert and a delicious meal to look forward to but that’s obvious right?

Help her relax

Every mother has a tough job- they’re taking care of their family! Chances are you wouldn’t be where you are today without your incredibly strong mom looking out for you.

Ensure she gets to relax a little bit on Mother’s Day and beyond with our luxurious Spa collection. Whether you opt for the crate, or a lotion or bar of soap- every woman loves to pamper herself with specialty soaps and lotions.

Goat Milk, Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Pictured: Scituate Sea coast

Add to her home

Does the mom in your life love rustic style? Our general store is full of unique items that will help make any home have more country love! A wall hanging can change the entire mood of a space; fun, spring decor can be something she looks forward to taking out each year. Think about what she would love to see in her home (and eventually associate with you!)- browse our selection!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The simple things can make the biggest impact!

Sooth her mind

Nothing can set a mind straight like a delicious cup of tea! We love our new line of herbal teas and insist you pick a can up for the mom in your life. Pair that with some delicious clover honey and you’ve got yourself some relaxation and mental nourishment in every sip.

Why You should be Drinking Water, Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Don’t look past the power of tea and honey!

We have a lot of great options and gift ideas for Mother’s Day. We’ll post a few more as we get closer to the day 🙂

Fun Spring Activities for the Family

Fun Spring Activities for the Family

Are you ready to be let outside into the warm, beautiful weather after a relatively cold winter? I know we are! We’ve compiled a list of fun spring activities for the family incase you need some inspiration.

Get planting! Start a family garden. It’s a great way to teach your children how to grow their own food and take care of plants.

Have a picnic! Whether you’re in your own yard or you prepare a basket of goodies and take it to a local park- nothing beats a good picnic. Spring is the best time to do one, as the Summer months can definitely make things uncomfortable with enough heat.

Bikeride! No more snow, ice and cold temperatures to keep you off the wheels. Get that fresh air in your hair and lungs with some quality exercise. It’s so fun it doesn’t even feel like a workout!

Hunt for Crocus. It shouldn’t be hard to find if you’re in Scituate – but crocus are the first spring flowers to make their appearance. Walk around the yard, or your local surroundings and see if you can spot the beautiful purple bursts of color!

Outside tables! Are you going out to eat for lunch or dinner? If the restaurant offers outdoor seating, take advantage!

Visit Dalby Farm on the May 7th Spring Hatch Celebration or on an Open Farm Day! Shameless plug – but can you think of a better season to stroll the property and greet the animals? They’d love to see you!

Fly a kite! If you’re on the South Shore, why aren’t you on a beach flying a kite right now? Okay, maybe it’s not always windy but your odds are good! That’s some good ol’ fashioned fun right there.

Find a playground. Whether you’re 5, 15, or 50, everyone can enjoy a playground!

Chalk. One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was sit outside in the warm sun and draw designs on the driveway in chalk.  I’d enjoy them for days! Every rain was just another excuse to go back out and do some more 🙂

Farmer’s Market. Many Farmer’s markets start up in June. This is a great way to connect with local businesses in your town and socialize with other kids and parents. The quality of the products being sold are usually a step above as well!

Just sit and watch. Look at the bees getting to work, watch the rain pitter patter, listen to the birds sing, observe the budding trees and plants. Appreciate your surroundings and the beauty in the world that we have the honor of living with.

Fun Spring Activities for the family

We hope you and your family take advantage of our beautiful planet!

Shop for a cause and help us continue to spread the love<3

Dalby Farm Open Farm Day Schedule!

Are you hoping to spend some relaxing, quality time with your children and family this Summer? Have you always wanted to see the animals at Dalby Farm but never had the chance? Take advantage of Open Farm Days at Dalby Farm!

The reality is we aren’t able to let everyone up whenever they want, even though we’d love to. In case you don’t know, the farm is on our family residence and we are not always available to bring people around on tours. In our dreams we’d be able to hire someone to be on-site every day during a specific time frame so you and your family could visit whenever you wanted.

Sadly we do not currently make enough money from the 6 months of the year we are open to be able to do that. That’s one reason why we started our GoFundMe Fundraiser. In any case, we have come up with Open Farm Days.

The first Sunday of every month from either 10:00am-11:30am or 1:30pm-3:00pm, you can drop by the farm and visit with the animals! For just $5.00/person, you can casually browse the farm at your own pace and get to know the animals. Bring a few snacks with you to sit and enjoy in our picnic area while you’re at it!

A Farm-based educator will be available to answer any questions you may have!

Here is our 2017 Open Farm Day Schedule:

Sunday, June 4, 2017
10:00 am – 11:30 am
June 2017 Open Farm Day!
Dalby Farm, Scituate MA
Sunday, July 2, 2017
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
July Open Farm day
Dalby Farm, Scituate MA
Sunday, August 6, 2017
10:00 am – 11:30 am
August Open Farm Day!
Dalby Farm, Scituate MA
Sunday, September 3, 2017
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
September Open Farm Day!
Dalby Farm, Scituate MA
Sunday, October 1, 2017
10:00 am – 11:30 am
October Open Farm Day!
Dalby Farm, Scituate MA

Thank you for supporting our farm. Every time you visit, make a purchase from our shop, throw a birthday party with us, or send your child to our learning programs – you help preserve rare farm breeds and enable us to educate the community on the importance of environmental conservation.

Allergy-free Kids Have Had Plenty of Exposure to Farms & Dirt

Allergy-free Kids Have Had Plenty of Exposure to Farms & Dirt

Allergy-free kids you say? We came across a fascinating article from 2o15 that we just had to share the other day. It was from the Washington Post and it discussed how there is more evidence to suggest that kids who have plenty of exposure to dirt, cows and overall farm life will live more allergy-free than children who don’t. For some reason, Dairy farms as especially relevant in this discovery.

Specifically they have fewer asthma problems. Interestingly enough, researchers found a protein that doesn’t necessarily “prevent” allergies- but instead affects the ‘structural cells that make up the lining of the lung’.

“The research is related to something called the hygiene hypothesis, where a lack of exposure to microbes as a tyke leads to more allergy and asthma. It’s what leads microbiologists to say that the best thing you can do for your kid is roll them around on the floor of the subway. That may indeed be true (as long as you roll very, very carefully!) but there’s increasing evidence that farms have the best germs for preventing respiratory problems and allergic reactions later in life. One study found that just 25 percent of children living on Swiss farms reacted to common allergens like dust mites, pollen, animals  and mold, while 45 percent of children in the general population reacted.” Source.

This isn’t really news for us here on the farm… well, perhaps the scientific jargon is. But we’ve always believed that the more exposure you have to more things, the more likely you are to become immune. While I still sneeze around Hay, I think it’s just the dust!

All the more reason to consider signing your little one up for one of our memorable Summer Learning programs! Check out all the info on and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Easter Egg Decorating 4 Ways

Easter Egg Decorating 4 Ways

Every Easter weekend, every since I was a little girl, my family had a very simple tradition, Easter egg decorating. We would hard boil a dozen eggs from the chickens and dye them a multitude of different colors. Then we’d all sit around the table, grab a bunch of permanent markers of varying colors and design our own. There’d always be an egg that had the names of all the animals that used to live and still do live on the farm, among a couple other recurring designs. They would be placed in a cute little dish that was full of plastic green grass, and would become our centerpiece for the rest of the day.

The next morning, Easter, we would (and still do) wake to find all of them are missing. My parents hide them in 3 rooms of the downstairs, and my brother husband and I all search for them as if we were still 8 years old. We’re competitive, what can I say? It’s a really fun tradition that really ages like fine wine and I look forward to the day I get to introduce my own children to it.

For those of you who do not decorate eggs for Easter maybe this is the year to start!


Much like my family, it’s easy as 1,2,3 to pick up a $5 PAAS egg dying kit, grab some cups, vinegar and water – and dye your eggs! This particular kit is very simple to use and has beautiful vibrant colors. It also comes with 90 stickers in the event you’d prefer to do that rather than draw on them with markers like my family.

Blackboard eggs

I had never heard of this method until recently but I am curious to try it. Take some chalkboard paint and go to town with the eggs. Once they are dry, you are good to go! Take your chalk and start designing. Here’s a great example of what they look like.

Temporary Tattoos

Here’s another unique method I have yet to try.. Whether you already have some lying around the house or you place a quick order online… you can design your Easter eggs with your favorite temporary tattoos! Your kids will love the range of possibilities they have, since the egg will be able to fit more than one.

Glitter Eggs

I love this idea and will likely try it out even this year. Go ahead and dye your eggs as you usually would. Once they’re dry and ready to go it’s time to get out the tacky glue. Make little dots of glue in the desired design. Grab a plate, and your preferred glitter. Sprinkle the glitter on to the egg (over the plate to catch any spills!) and let dry. Before you know it you’ll have a dazzling egg! Little girls will just love this!

Nothing beats Spring! Check out our seasonal products in our General Store- great home decor to get your house feeling chipper!

Simple ways to relax

Simple Ways to Relax

As an adult, you may not always have all the time you used to when it comes to finding peace and quiet. That’s why it’s important to take a moment and think about ways you can incorporate some much needed downtime in your life so you can be at your best.

As someone who also faces the problem of making time for myself, I started looking for options that were actually realistic with my schedule. Some hobbies take up more time than I can reasonably expect to commit any given day or week. While those are still something I turn to when the time is right, the reality is I had to find quick ways to unwind. In some cases, you may be able to accomplish two things at once! It just takes some thought and imagination to make things go in your favor.

Here’s what helps me:


Gone are the days when I could sit in one place for hours on end enjoying a good book. It’s just not feasible when I have multiple jobs and various responsibilities calling me any given day. It was a game changer when I found It makes it easy for me to still get my literary fill without needing to sacrifice my usefulness.

Now, whenever I drive anywhere, or if I’m doing laundry, cooking, even before I fall asleep-  I have my trusty audiobook playing. It’s relatively inexpensive if you subscribe to a service like audible – and can really lift your spirits. I find myself so excited to ‘get to work’ when I know I can have something that genuinely interests me and makes me happy. It’s a natural de-stressor, and chores just don’t seem that bad anymore!


When you can’t catch a breath because you are so overwhelmed, you know you’re doing something wrong. If you’re like me, you have bouts of strong anxiety when you realize how much is on your plate. That’s why finding tools like meditation are so important. I will write about this experience in a future entry- but for now, hop on to the app store and find yourself a well reviewed meditation app. 5 minutes of concentrated breathing and focus will morph your perspective and will help balance your stress. Don’t get carried away with work and anxiety- you can moderate the power it has over you.

Watercolor / Doodling

Although I am not a very good artist, when it comes to drawing I find it incredibly therapeutic to be able to put lines and dots down on a page. As I said, some hobbies are very time consuming and involved- making it less likely for you to turn to them in moments of stress. However, if you have a palette of watercolors, weighted paper and some brushes hanging around- watercoloring is actually a pretty quick and easy thing to pick up and put down with minimal mess. If you have the space to keep it out in one place all the time, do so! Otherwise, it takes all of 5 seconds to get your materials together to sit down for a little painting session. You’d be amazed what one half hour of mindless doodling and creation can do for the soul. Don’t knock it til you try it!

I spent maybe $30 on paint, paper and brushes- which will all last me a good while. Give it a shot 🙂

Cooking / Baking

You have to eat anyway right? Don’t make meal prep a job (unless you absolutely hate cooking of course). But for most of us, the only reason why we dread making dinner is because we have to. If you change your perspective and look at it as a way to work on your skills, try new things- and hey, have that audiobook going- it won’t be so bad! You can play music, have a movie or TV show going in the other room… in other words- create an environment you want while you do things you do (or don’t) love to do! Attitude is everything. These days, I look forward to the hour I need to be in the kitchen, in a sense- it’s me time. Besides, the family is always happy to be fed 🙂

Simple ways to relax Why You should be Drinking Water

Nothing relaxes me like a hot cup of delicious herbal tea sweetened with some honey 😉

Just a thought!

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