Classic Easter Traditions for the Family

Classic Easter Traditions for the Family

Although Easter is very much so a religious holiday, all kinds of people can still enjoy some of the classic Easter Traditions for the Family.

Spring is a very fun season for little ones. All of the blossoming flowers and colors, warm temperatures optimal for outside play, and plenty of animals to spot and observe. New life is always exciting and Spring is symbolic for exactly that!

Here a few traditions you can do with your family whether you apply the religious context to the Holiday or not:

Classic Easter Traditions for the Family

Easter Egg Dyeing & Decorating

This is a great way to get the entire family around the table for some quality time. There are many kits out there that make the dyeing process very easy. We’ll probably get into this more as we get a little closer to the week of! Once the eggs are colored, grab some sharpies of all colors and let your imagination run wild!

Easter Baskets

Growing up, getting Easter baskets was one of the best parts of celebrating easter! If you want to do it like my mom always did- come up with a theme each year. Think of things your children love to do and enjoy and stuff the basket accordingly. It never hurts to include a few sweets and splurge snacks while you’re at it! For that extra umph, go ahead and hide them!

When I was young we would have to follow a jelly bean trail. It would lead to a room in the house where the basket was hidden, and then we were on our own. I had some of the best memories with my family trying to search for my little basket of goodies!

We look forward to giving you some ideas as to what you can put in the baskets for not only your children but husband and parents as well! After all, adults can still enjoy the little things in life too!

Egg Hunt

You know those wonderful eggs you just decorated with your family? Now it’s time to hide them! Make sure to keep a list as to where you put them all incase they aren’t found. My brother and I always had a civil rivalry- in fact, to this day, we still insist my mom hide the eggs just so we have an excuse to compete. We’re nearly 30! It goes to show family traditions may start for children but can evolve and keep going for many years after.

Family Photos

Whether you opt to find a man in an Easter bunny suit or not, Easter / Spring is a wonderful time to get in some nice clothes and pose! Don’t take anything for granted- someday you’ll be glad you made this a springtime tradition. Be sure to get hard prints! Don’t rely on USB flash drives and Facebook to keep track of precious mementos.


If you aren’t interested in anything else, that’s cool! Everyone has to eat though right? May as well try to orchestrate a nice Easter dinner for the family. Many go for a honey ham with au gratin potatoes and fresh garlic asparagus… sounds good to me!


Don’t forget to decorate! We have some adorable Easter themed decorations every home should have in our General Store!

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