Dalby Farm Newsletter: July 2011

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July 2011
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We mourn the passing of Emma, our Wiltshire Horn Sheep. She was one of the founding rare breeds at Dalby Farm and was a very sweet girl. We will miss her immensely.


Erma’s Natural Remedies

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Goat milk is often prescribed for people with eczema conditions. It is one of the most gentle soaps that you can use; research shows that soaps containing goat milk have a ph level closest to your own skin, making it the most gentle of all soaps. Goat milk is naturally rich in proteins and has soothing and moisturizing qualities that cannot be synthetically reproduced. It is unique in its ability to nourish and is a truly pure, natural beauty aid. Goat milk soap is the most luxurious and creamy soap you will ever use! You can purchase goat milk soaps and creams in our Country Store or at the Scituate Farmer’s Market.


‘Scoop’ from the ‘Coop’

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July is always a very busy time for us. Now that schools are out for the year , everyone is ready to celebrate summer. For us, it means that camps, recreation departments and other summer programs will be visiting the farm.

Thursday mornings in July are also the time that we offer our 5-week ‘Pre-K Story Hour’ program here at the farm. It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your little one and meet a different rare farm animal every week. Space is limited and it is filling up fast so if you are interested, don’t wait too long to register!

I am finishing up the curriculum for ‘The Experience’, our summer learning program. This year we have extended the hours, so the program will now run from 9-3. I have integrated many new crafts and activities for us to do! We have several new animals here this year too! They are all so sweet; I know that everyone will love them. You can call or e-mail us if you have anyone that you would like to register for the program. June 15th was opening day at the Scituate Farmer’s Market, in North Scituate village. It was great to see so many familiar faces. We will be there weekly and will have products like goat milk soaps and creams, our Dalby Farm preserves, pickles, sauces as well as fresh eggs, local honey and more! Stop by and say hi!


Animal ‘Tales’

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When people see me for the first time, I hear them say that I look regal or majestic. I do not understand why, maybe it is my horns that make me appear that way. To be honest with you, I am no different than any of the other animals living at Dalby Farm.

I am an Arapawa Island Goat and evidently I am very rare; there are less than 350 of us left in the world. I hear Cheryl telling people about me all the time during the General Animal Tours that are given here. My name is ‘Satuit’and in case you don’t know, Scituate is derived from the Native American word ‘Satuit’, which means cold brook. So, because I was the first Arapawa Island Goat born at the farm, she and Joel thought that ‘Satuit’ would be the perfect name for me. Like all of the animals on the farm, I love to socialize with people. Cheryl and Joel pay a lot of attention to us so we feel very comfortable around visitors. Usually I will walk over to Cheryl when she is on a tour so that everyone can see me close up. Everyone is usually very fascinated by my horns and depending on the day, I might even demonstrate how I use them. People are always so surprised when they find out that I have built in back scratchers!


DALBY FARM CONTACT INFORMATION: Dalby Farm is open by appointment only from May 1 thru October 31st!! To book tours, birthday parties, to register for our Summer program call 781-545-4952. Our Country Store is open every Sunday from 11:00am – 3:00pm and is now online!
Remember to visit us at our website any time to book your fun-filled family event! Be sure to come visit us at the North Scituate Farmers Market every Wednesday starting June 15th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.