Dalby Farm Newsletter: June 2011

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The Dalby Digest
June 2011
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Farmhouse Pantry Recipes

Dalby Farm Cucumber Dill Dressing

‘Crispy Cucumbers and Tomatoes in Dill Dressing’

On your way home from the beach, swing into the Scituate Farmer’s Market and pick up the ingredients for this healthy and refreshing salad option. A quick and yummy solution to those last minute summer dinners!

In a large bowl, mix 1/3 cup of all-natural Dalby Farm Cucumber Dill Salad Dressing, 2 large cucumbers sliced, 1 cup of sliced red onion and 2 large ripe tomatoes, cut into wedges. Toss and let stand at least 15 minutes before serving. Add salt and pepper as desired. The perfect addition to any meal!


‘Scoop’ from the ‘Coop’

Dalby Farm country Store

It is amazing how quickly time is flying! Already June is upon us; May has been a very busy month with so many schools and pre-k programs visiting us. It is always so wonderful  to see our teacher and school staff friends return each year with their current students! The animals love the attention and can never get enough time visiting with everyone.

We are busy registering children entering grades K-7 for ‘The Experience’ Summer Learning Program. As always, there will be new projects, games and activities and we are looking forward to seeing everyone! We are excited to introduce the new members of our animal family to everyone too.

Beginning June 15th be sure to look for us at the Scituate Farmer’s Market, in North Scituate village. We will have our all natural products like goat milk soap and creams, our Dalby Farm preserves, pickles, sauces as well as fresh eggs, local honey and more! Take advantage of our monthly coupon. Use it either at the farmer’s market or at our Country Store. June is a great time to light up the grill and Father’s Day is the perfect day for a barbeque! So, clip the coupon and indulge yourself (or dad) with a Dalby Farm barbeque related item, your taste buds will be glad you did!


Animal ‘Tales’

Dalby Farm Country Store

I am having quite the time at Dalby Farm! My name is Suzie and I am a ‘rare’ African gosling; until I get my feathers, I will be living with my duckling

friends in a brooder (a draft free area that has consistent regulated heat to keep me warm) in the duck and goose house. Although I have not actually seen her, there is a Sebastopol goose that continually sits outside of the brooder area and whenever Farmer Cheryl comes in to feed, or visit with us, she gets all upset and honks and hisses. Cheryl says that because she is anxious to have babies of her own she

is trying to protect us. Cheryl knows that the goose won’t hurt her so she still comes in to with visit us. She picks me up a lot because she said that if I get used to people, I might be able to become one of the ‘party animals’. When a child has a birthday here, they get to pick from a list of ‘party animals’ that visits with the kids after the farm tour. Maybe I can be one; I think that would be fun! In a few months, when we are all a little older, Cheryl will let us out into the duck yard so we can play with all the other ducks and geese! If you visit the farm, be sure to say hi to me when you’re here! (You will know me because I am the cute one!)


DALBY FARM CONTACT INFORMATION: Dalby Farm is open by appointment only from May 1 thru October 31st!! To book tours, birthday parties, to register for our Summer program call 781-545-4952. Our Country Store is open every Sunday from 11:00am – 3:00pm Remember to visit us at our website www.dalbyfarm.com any time to book your fun-filled family event! Be sure to come visit us at the Scituate Farmers Market every Wednesday starting in June from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.