Simple Eco-Friendly New Years Resolutions for 2017!

A few Simple Eco-friendly New Years Resolutions

Eco-friendly New Years Resolutions

New Years is a personal favorite of mine because I really get into the idea of turning over a new leaf. Many people decide to make changes but never follow through but this can be the year folks! This can be the year to make real changes that will not only improve your quality of life but help improve the fabric of our environment. Check out some of these simple eco-friendly new years resolutions and set your own goals to make the world a greener place.

Remember the motto, every little bit counts!

Become a Vegetarian on the Weekends

Something as easy as passing on the proteins 2 days of the week can reduce your carbon footprint by 1/3! Plan pancakes or oatmeal for breakfasts, fresh salads and roasted vegetables for lunch and veggie stirfry or pizza for dinner! Make more than you need so you can have some over the week, further reducing your footprint. The options are endless, nutritious and great for the environment! Give yourself the opportunity to try out new healthy recipes and take care of your planet in the meantime!

Cut Down Paper Towel Use

Time to invest in a few washable cotton clothes! I used to be so bad about using paper towels. I’d grab one for just about every spill, for wiping the counters, even for my sandwiches! If you find you are the same way, make 2017 the year you avoid falling into that trap. Fabric napkins can easily be dropped in the washer/dryer each week with the rest of your laundry. Not only will you save money, but you could help prevent more than 3k paper towels ending up in landfills on any given day!

Replace your Lightbulbs

This is the easiest resolution to make, by far. On January 1st, go around your house and switch out all of your bulbs for LED or compact flourescent lightbulbs! Both of these options are more energy effecient and they last a lot longer than the traditional. To simplify it by one more step- place an order online and have them come to you! Effortless! Prove that it really can only take one person to change a lightbulb 😉

Join a CSA

If your local farmer’s markets aren’t easily accessible or are too chaotic for your liking- look for a local CSA to join instead! Community Supported Agriculture is something Dalby Farm hopes to bring to our town in the future, as we find it is the most effective way to ensure you and your neighbors enjoy fresh, locally grown produce. Not only do you get the best variety of veggies in season but you can get away from the ridiculous carbon footprint associated with corporate grocery stores.

Spare Change in a Charity or Cause Jar

Did you find yourself wishing you had some extra money this holiday season for your favorite cause or charity? Don’t let it happen again! Find yourself a mason jar to fill with spare change and single dollar bills. At the end of the year, give it back to the cause of your liking!

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