Family Animal Encounters (Summer/Fall 2020)

Like most other small businesses, Dalby Farm is experiencing unprecedented difficulty resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. We lost all Spring income and have recently made the difficult decision to cancel our Summer Learning Programs. This leaves our little country store as the only remaining revenue stream (until now, we hope!).

We understand that as businesses re-open, strict guidelines are necessary to keep everyone safe. Since our Summer Learning Programs are highly interactive, we knew it would be difficult to ensure the same carefree, educational fun the children have come to expect. Not to mention wearing a mask outside on a hot Summer day in July isn’t the picture of comfort…

We’ve had countless inquiries as to when we’d be able to open back up. People want to get outside, change things up and visit the animals (trust me, they miss you too!). Our Open Farm Day format involves too many variables, so we decided to do things a little differently…

For the Summer/Fall of 2020, allow us to introduce Family Animal Encounters!

Private $25/30 minutes–  A family (max 6 people) reserves 30 minutes to visit with the animals (and feed some of them). You are not expected to wear your masks during the visit, but please have one ready to use as you arrive and leave.

Semi-Private $40/45 minutes – Two families (max 6 people each) browse the farm at the same time for 45 minutes, to visit with the animals (and feed some of them)-  while practicing social distance. There is plenty of room for both groups to move around safely without masks but please have one with you, ready to use if needed.

Both options include  a farm themed coloring page for each child and some hay/grain to give to the animals.

**Due to low stock (the birds need to molt to replenish our supply!) Peacock feathers are currently only available if purchased. When in stock, they are given on a per family/group basis not per visit. Thank you for understanding!**

Please be sure to read all of the notes we have outlined specific to these visits on the product pages or below.
Reach out to us if you have a specific date/time in mind and would like to book something.

Please note the following:

Reservations are rain or shine. There is a lot of tree cover, but please dress accordingly (boots are always a safe bet on a farm, no matter the weather!). We will discuss your rescheduling options should there be an active thunderstorm right before your visit.

-Once paid, you have up to 48 hours before your visit to cancel/reschedule for a full refund before it becomes non-refundable. Your visit is not officially cancelled/rescheduled until we have acknowledged it via phone or email. You may only reschedule your visit once.

-Please respect the time limitation. Arrive 5-10 minutes early (please wait in your car) to ensure you don’t lose any of your allotted time. Visits are structured so everyone may come and go safely and cannot be adjusted for tardiness.

-Do not come if you or a member of your family has a fever or is showing symptoms of illness.

We will not have a bathroom / port-a-potty on the property for visitor use.

-We will be observing all state guidance in terms of sanitizing common areas, picnic tables etc. between visits. We ask that you wear your mask when you come close to us or another visiting family and avoid unnecessary contact with items on the property.

-We will enforce the maximum number (6) of people per group. If you have a special circumstance or request, we ask you contact us (Submit a request / / 781-545-4952) to discuss prior to checking out.

By completing this purchase you agree to all of the terms we have outlined specific to these visits.

Please be patient with us as we navigate through this.

We are only offering a few visits to start to make sure we can ensure a happy and safe experience for all. 

As the farm is our residence, we need to take an abundance of caution so we may not only protect you, but our high risk family members as well.

Request a Visit

We understand our current schedule may not work with yours. While we cannot guarantee your request will be possible, we’d love to start a conversation to see what we can arrange! Please submit below or send us an email.

I will usually get back to you within 12-24 hours. Please check your junk mail, I think some inboxes filter out my “” address.

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