Healthy New Years Resolutions for 2017

Healthy New Years Resolutions to Consider

healthy new years resolutions

Satuit desperately wants you to feel empowered for 2017! Make yourself a priority this year!

When it comes to healthy new years resolutions people are quick to get discouraged and rightfully so. Nothing good comes easy or free and without the right mindset, nothing will ever happen. It doesn’t have to be that way, I can say with first hand experience.

Over the last year a couple members of our family set goals to take better care of themselves and it paid off! I lost over 30 lbs after getting on a nutritious diet and making sure to exercise 3-5 times a week. It was torturous in the beginning, but sitting here a year later I have to tell you it was worth it!

In hopes of sending some positive vibes your way for 2017 I thought I would share a few healthy new years resolutions that are 100% within your grasp! Over the coming year we will re-visit the idea of instating many healthy lifestyle changes- so if you don’t get around to implementing changes now, there’s always later.

Keep an Active Lifestyle

It’s far too easy to sit back on the couch with your phone, TV or laptop and not move for hours. Netflix binging, Facebook scrolling… even addictive handheld games like Mario Run or Candy Crush all contribute to a sedentary lifestyle. And we’re only talking about your home life!

If you work in an office chances are you spend many hours a week sitting down. They say sitting is the new smoking for a reason! Too much of it and your health will decline in ways you wouldn’t think of.

I am not suggesting you sign up for a gym membership and work out 8 times a week, nor should you starve yourself. Something as simple as setting a goal to go for a walk or run 3 days a week could make all the difference.

Instead of laying around all weekend, start some projects in the yard or your home that will keep you on your feet and moving around. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby in the process! If you set a goal to limit the amount of screen time you allow yourself, you’ll be sure to feel the positive effects in no time.

Talk to Friends and Family

Expecting to see “eat wheatgrass” and “do yoga” on this list? That’s not where we’re headed this time. Chances are you’re constantly caught up in the chaos so many of us face everyday just trying to keep your head above water. Making ends meet takes a huge toll on emotional and physical health-  it strains your relationships too.

Make a plan to reach out to at least one friend or family member every week. Connecting with people you love will relieve stress. It will give you the chance to vent about things that bother you. Life is too short to spend it working the whole time. Make a pact to yourself to be more present in their lives. Everybody wins!

Make yourself happy

Give yourself an hour or two a week to do something you love. Being an adult is hard and requires so much compromise it’s easy to get lost. Rediscover your passions and find a way to incorporate them into your life.

This will vary for everyone. Sit down and make a list of stuff you wish you had more time for. Family time, playing guitar, taking an art class… Whatever it is, make it happen! Perhaps you’d like to volunteer somewhere, or join a community sports team.

If you’re a parent and feel guilty at the thought, pick something your loved ones can join in on with you. Teach your children something you love and you’ll only get a stronger bond. Don’t let life’s complexities take away your ability to have fun. Make 2017 the year you find the balance you’ve been missing.

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