Holiday Wishlist for The Farm

As you can see we are here today to mention the Holiday Wishlist for the Farm. Here at Dalby, we love to encourage purchases from our shop because it helps us get through the cold winter. We are closed and unable to offer any programs that lead to revenue streams.

One of our dear supporters suggested that we try something new. For those who want to support the farm but don’t necessarily desire anything from our country store- we started an Amazon Wishlist. Here you will find some items that would greatly assist us get through the Winter. We’re talking simple supplies such as grain barrels, heated water buckets and even some new collars for the goats.

Even if you simply choose to spread the word about us we are thrilled. Anything you can do to help get the word out so we can continue to house rare farm breeds and educate our community about them, matters.

Here’s the link to our Holiday Wishlist for the Farm on Amazon. Should you choose to make a purchase you will see that our address propagates in the shipping addresses so it is very simple to complete an order 🙂

Thank you <3

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