Nana’s Pantry


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Getting back to basics and living in a healthy way is what inspired us to explore the world of food. It seems that today, quality is compromised for the cheap way out! We believe that pure, premium ingredients are fundamental to eating healthy. Dalby Farm is a five-generation family owned and operated rare breeds farm that has partnered with another family owned business to bring these delicious goods to your table.
We are proud to present ‘Nana’s Pantry’ and introduce this product line which consists of  Butters, Preserves, Marmalades, Salad Dressings, Condiments, Honey, Soups and more! Our items come in popular pint size, 12 oz. or 9 oz. glass jars or bottles.

All of our fine products have that old-fashioned, home made quality and taste that you have been looking for and can never get enough of! Only real cane sugar and/or natural fruit juices are used. NO high fructose corn sweeteners are ever added!


Our line of condiments offers the perfect touch to any home cooked meal. Add one of our dressings to mixed greens for a great salad, top off your burger with our delicious “bread & butter” pickles or spice up your roast with our zesty horseradish mustard.

Honey, Molasses & Herbal Syrups

Dalby Farm honey is unprocessed, flavorful and all natural. Many believe that honey is a remedy for seasonal allergies and if taken daily, is a far better remedy than any allergy medication. Honey is chock-full of antioxidants and nutrients and is a natural sweetener that has been touted for centuries.  Although honey may crystalize with age, honey will never spoil so you should be sure to keep plenty on hand. Indulge yourself and try all flavors of our delicious and sweet honey!

Preserves and Marmalades

Dalby Farm’s all-natural preserves and marmalades are made from real fruit and sugar, without any chemical preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Available in a variety of flavors, they’re great with breakfast, in desserts, or can be used as a glaze. Our pint jars are a great value – and it’s a good thing too, because we know after you try them you’ll be back for more!


Preserved Fruit and Fruit Sauces

Our preserved fruit and fruit sauces can be the perfect way to start or finish your day! Have some of the preserved fruit with breakfast and try the sauces on your ice cream!


If you enjoy the true taste of fruit, then you will definitely
want to try our fruit butters! Each 16 oz. jar is seedless and is packed with flavor! All of our specialty items are made only
from the highest quality ingredients and are sure to please!

Pantry Baking & Batter Mixes

Scones are a traditional English biscuit that everyone will enjoy! Our scone mixes are very easy to make and come in a variety of flavors. They are a wonderful addition to breakfast, lunch or as an afternoon snack. Serve them as a bread alternative at dinnertime too!

Soups & Sauces

Pantry Gift Sets & Crates

Coffee & Herbal Tea Collection

In addition to tasting great, herbal teas have many medicinal benefits too. From decreasing stress levels to providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, the flavor packed teas in our Herbal Tea Collection are an enjoyable and healthy choice! As my grandmother always said, natural remedies are always best!

Pick up a couple of tins so that you’ll have them on-hand, when you need them!