4 All Natural Remedies for a Cold

All Natural Remedies for a Cold

If it hasn’t hit you already, welcome to cold season. While it’s possible to get a cold any time of the year, studies show most people are more prone to get sick in the Winter as well as the Spring. Fortunately there are many all natural remedies for a cold, though the best cure is prevention through a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know a cold could be caused by more than 200 different kinds of viruses? The most common viruses are rhinovirus (10-40% of colds), coronavirus (20%), RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and parainfluenza virus (10%). Scientists say rhinovirus replicates better in cooler temperatures, thus making traditional winter conditions ideal for it to spread.

The Common Cold

As you probably know, colds are caused by you coming into contact with an infected person or surface. Surprisingly enough it’s even entirely possible to catch a cold from someone else sneezing within your vicinity.

The virus attaches itself to your nose or throat lining, almost instantly triggering the immune system to send out white blood cells to attack it. More times than not the initial attempt to defend the body from the virus fails, and your body goes into overtime trying to get rid of it. As a result your nose and throat get inflamed, produce a lot of mucus, and you’re left physically exhausted. It’s plain and simple misery.


All Natural Remedies for a Cold

The following suggestions are not to be considered medical advice. We are not doctors! However, we have had our fair share of brutal colds and have experienced significant relief from many all natural methods. Mind you, there are so many more than 4 – so be sure to check back as we discuss them in future posts.


I’ve seen quite a few different ways to go about implementing steam into your cold symptom relief. The most popular is to simply take a hot shower with the door closed and allow yourself to inhale the steam for a good half hour. It does a great job helping to clear your sinuses and take the pressure off.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious the other suggestion I’ve come across may be the way to go. Acquire eucalyptus or tea tree oil (effective anti-viral properties), and put a few drops in the bottom of a heat resistant bowl. Put multiple cups of boiling water in the bowl and get your face as close to the steam as possible without hurting yourself. Steam can be incredibly hot and even dangerous. After a few moments take a clean towel and cover your face with it, as to trap the steam. Have some tissues nearby!


I can’t personally vouch for this method but it is so interesting to me, I figure it’s worth mentioning.

Sources say that finely mincing 1-2 cloves of garlic and putting them in a glass of water will help cure your cold. As odd as it sounds, it does make sense. Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic, antibacterial and anti fungal ingredient and could be the boost your body needs to kick the unwanted virus out. If you’re sick enough you will not even taste it, but drink it up quick just incase! 😉

No More ‘White Food’

White sugar, grains, milk and cheese all need to be off the table, no pun intended, the moment you realize you have a cold.  All of these foods will suppress your immune system, making it much harder for your body to defend itself. The reality is your body doesn’t need food when it is sick, it needs to conserve energy. Eating too much rich food will waste it’s limited resources on digesting your food over fighting the infection.

Hot Peppers

Everyone always suggests you drink hot liquids when you’re congested- and that’s a valid way to find some relief. Hot tea or soup is always a good option, though for some it isn’t fast enough. Well- if you’re into spicy and heat- go on and instantly clear your sinuses with some hot peppers! We wouldn’t recommend eating too many, especially if you’re working off an empty, mucus filled stomach…
If you don’t want to bite into a hot pepper, consider making (or having your family do it) a spicy broth.


Herbal Teas

Feel more comfortable sticking with something you know, like that hot tea? Check out our line of herbal tea! The Apple Blossom would suit you best because of the cinnamon (a very effective natural antibiotic and antiviral)- though any piping hot cup of tea will help. Feel better


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