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  1. […] participant and sign up for the entire year! Every three months you will receive a delivery. Please contact us directly if this option is most desirable to […]

  2. […] Sophie’s Spa page. We have many refreshing scented soaps as well as unscented. Feel free to contact us with any […]

  3. […] I decided one day to try to take better care of myself in every way possible. From switching to goat milk soap, exercising more – to eating all natural food… it only made sense to take a look at the […]

  4. […] already outlined the many gift wrap alternatives to consider this year- but it’s worth re-enforcing. Whether you make use of old newspapers, […]

  5. […] If your local farmer’s markets aren’t easily accessible or are too chaotic for your liking- look for a local CSA to join instead! Community Supported Agriculture is something Dalby Farm hopes to bring to our town in the future, as we find it is the most effective way to ensure you and your neighbors enjoy fresh, locally grown produce. Not only do you get the best variety of veggies in season but you can get away from the ridiculous carbon footprint associated with corporate grocery stores. […]

  6. […] tuned for the return of our popcorn bowls and soap dishes! In the meantime check out our general enamelware bowls and plates in our general […]

  7. […] often do (and will continue to) discuss simple ways to live green. There is so much hype around simple lifestyle changes, that I believe people think it is harder […]

  8. […] candle pins, various wall hangings (the pet themed hangings are very popular!), and various rustic decorative wooden scoops/spoons and enamelware bowls and dishes. You’re in good hands if you shop with us this year, and the animals will appreciate your […]

  9. […] you make products you would like to see on our shelves, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always looking for unique items to add […]

  10. […] we’ve already mentioned in our introduction, the bees are in serious trouble. Recently, seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees were added […]

  11. […] are so many options to choose from it’s almost a burden. Popular options include: Chips and Salsa, popcorn, finger sandwiches, sliders, chicken wings, french fries.. even healthy options like a […]

  12. […] you live in Scituate, MA and would like to start purchasing our farm fresh eggs, let us know! Depending on the time of year we may not be able to take on new recurring customers, but the only […]

  13. […] Need help picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? […]

  14. […] we do not yet make our own honey (we’re learning!), we only source ours from the best. All natural, delicious, and rich with REAL […]

  15. […] sure I’ve mentioned before, small actions can carry a big impact- especially over time. Here at Dalby Farm, we aspire to help […]

  16. […] store features specialty goat milk soaps and lotions, all natural preserves, jams, honey and condiments, pet treats and cute, country home décor. It is […]

  17. […] store features specialty goat milk soaps and lotions, all natural preserves, jams, honey and condiments, pet treats and cute, country home décor. It is also a great resource for rustic holiday décor, […]

  18. […] store features specialty goat milk soaps and lotions, all natural preserves, jams, honey and condiments, pet treats and cute, country home décor. It […]

  19. […] hope to see you all at Dalby Farm this Summer at one of our Open Farm Days, for a birthday party, to shop in our store– or even Farm Yoga! We also have a Ladies Fitness Club starting in August I can’t […]