Parmesan Garlic Scone Mix


If you want the perfect compliment to any soup, chowder or stew, you will definitely want to get some Parmesan Garlic Scone mix! Just add an egg, butter and milk to the mix and bake, and you’re on your way to a fresh oven delight!

Going to a Yankee Swap holiday party? Bring’em as a bread option, but watch out because they disappear quickly so be sure to get yours fast!

Whip up some Parmesan Garlic Scone mix… homemade quality but in a fraction of the time! Pair it with one of our holiday dish towels and you will have a thoughtful hostess gift too!

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Are you going to a holiday event or progressive dinner? Be sure to have some all-natural, Parmesan Garlic Scone Mix on hand…everyone loves them!

Scones are a fresh baked English biscuit that everyone will enjoy! Serve Parmesan Garlic Scones with any soup, chowder, pasta dish or salad. Best when fresh out of the oven and covered with melting butter. I love to dip them in my soup or soak up the pasta sauce with them! They are very easy to make and smell delicious when they are baking too.
Every Christmas eve, I serve my family linguini with home made red clam sauce. It is a tradition that we have had for many years. Along with the main course, I compliment the meal with a nice green salad and I also bake these Parmesan Garlic Scones. The parmesan and garlic flavors of the scones enhance the taste of the red clam sauce, especially when used to soak up the remaining sauce!
If you want to transform your dinner from ‘okay’ to ‘out of this world’, try serving these parmesan garlic scones; traditional bread or oven rolls cannot compare and are sure to become a part of your past!

Pair this yummy parmesan garlic scone mix with one of our holiday dish towels and you instantly will have a unique and thoughtful hostess gift!

The ingredients in the Parmesan Garlic Scone Mix is:  Malted barley flour, enriched bleach wheat flour,  parmesan cheese, baking powder, garlic, salt. Garlic Scone Mix;  10 oz. Net Weight

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