Cranberry Orange Scone Mix


Just add an egg, butter and milk to the scone mix and bake; within minutes you will have a fresh oven treat! Serve for breakfast, with afternoon tea or as a bread alternative for dinner. Best when served warm with butter and/or your favorite Dalby Farm Preserve or Marmalade. A New England Favorite!

For a thoughtful gift idea, create a breakfast themed basket and pair Cranberry Orange Scone Mix with some of our orange marmalade. Add some breakfast tea, honey and a pretty tea towel.

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If you love autumn as much as I do then you probably agree that cranberries are as much a part of fall as anything! Being from New England, ‘cranberry country’, I always enjoy driving around and watching the harvesting of cranberries. The way they flood the bogs and the manner in which all of the berries float to the top is not only picturesque but the process of it all, never ceases to amaze me!

Cranberries, when paired with oranges, create a delightful flavor. These cranberry orange scones are sure to make your mouth water, especially when they are served fresh and warm from the oven. These scones, or English style biscuits, are traditionally served with afternoon tea however, over the years they have become part of breakfast and dinner menus too.
One of my favorite ways of serving them, aside from with breakfast, is when I make homemade chicken stew. The taste of the cranberry orange scones is the perfect compliment to the chicken and my family goes crazy every time I make this for dinner!

Cranberry Orange Scone Mix;  10 oz. Net Weight

Ingredients:  Enriched bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, Craisins, orange peel, sugar, baking powder, salt.

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