Archer’s Valentine Arrow


Are you dating someone new? Or, maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a long time now? Either way, your Valentine is sure ‘to see stars’ when you present them with ‘Archer’ the ‘cupid’ mouse.  This sweet little darling will make it plain as day, how much you care.

From this point on, your sweetheart will be reminded that, not only did you choose them but also, you would again and again!
Archer’s Valentine Arrow is a member of our Country Mouse Collection and makes a unique and expressive Valentine’s Day gift.

Collect them all and celebrate holidays or special events with the other members of our Country Mouse Collection too!

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Archer’s Valentine Arrow is the perfect gift for any new relationship. If you haven’t professed your true feelings yet, then this will do it! Archer’s Valentine Arrow more than makes a statement when you present him to your sweetheart. Patiently waiting for the right time to launch his arrow and steal her heart, he awaits lovingly.

Standing approximately 3 3/4 inches tall and made of all-natural wool, Archer the country mouse is a great addition to your holiday decor too. His wired tail allows you to position him as you wish.

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