Balsam Fir Scented Sachet


Whenever I smell one of these balsam fir scented sachets, I am immediately transported back to my childhood, back to those Christmas mornings when I would sneak down to the living room to see what Santa had left under the tree. I remember the strong balsam scent of the Christmas tree and how difficult it was for me to have to go back to bed and wait for everyone else to get up!

Whether you have a living tree or not, everyone should have at least one of these authentically scented balsam fir sachets.

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These balsam fir scented sachets are perfect for the holidays and are another Dalby Farm original!

This balsam fir scented sachet is made with a white muslin drawstring bag and filled with balsam fir needles. To prolong the life of each sachet, the balsam is supplemented with cellulose fiber fixative, which is saturated with balsam fir essential oils. The top of each balsam fir scented sachet is tied with a piece of homespun holiday fabric and adorned with a small piece of  silk balsam.

Whether you place our balsam fir scented sachet on a table, place it in a festive dish on the bathroom sink, or hang it on a artificial Christmas tree, either way the strong balsam scent is sure to catapult you in a festive frenzy!

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