‘BEWARE’ Halloween Garland


Halloween is such a fun holiday…decorating the house and yard, searching for just the right pumpkin and of course going trick or treating!! If you enjoy creating a spooky look in your house, then you will love our ‘beware’  halloween garland.

Made of cloth, with a retro-inspired look, this unique garland can be hung on the mantle, in an arch way or even along a wall! The black, with orange and white polka dot pennants spelling out ‘beware’ make it a perfect choice. Spooky black cat designs on each end of the banner with strips of distressed fabric streamers between the pennants, imply that a sense of caution should be had!

A fun way to decorate your house for any Halloween party or to just simply have displayed for the whole Halloween season! Because it is made from cloth, it will last for years and can become a fun part of your yearly Halloween decor!

Beware Halloween garland measures 72″ x 7.50″.

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This ‘Beware’ Halloween garland is a unique and fun way to decorate for Halloween! It is a retro-inspired fabric pennant garland featuring a warning for you to  “Beware” ! The black background with orange and white polka dot pattern throughout give it a true ‘retro’ feel that will please anyone that enjoys vintage Halloween decor .

The dimensions of the ‘Beware’ Halloween garland are 72″ x 7.50″.
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