Blackstrap Molasses


If you prefer to use an all-natural sweetener for baking, cooking or for your tea, then you should try some blackstrap molasses! I use it whenever I make gingerbread. The rich, complex taste gives the cookies a taste of their own!

During the cold winter months, I enjoy making homemade baked beans, made using blackstrap molasses. As they simmer in my crockpot, the delicious aroma from the combination of flavors, emanates throughout my house. Their taste, when we finally get to eat them, surely makes it worth the wait!

Aside from the delicious taste of our all-natural Blackstrap Molasses, it is also known to have several health benefits. So go ahead and grab a jar, because in this case, you can have your molasses and benefit from it too!

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Blackstrap molasses has a rich yummy flavor like no other, and also is thought to have health benefits as well.

Theres nothing more delicious than home made cookies! One of my favorites is gingerbread. Whenever I make gingerbread, I always use blackstrap molasses.

“Sweet foods can be delicious, but having too much refined SUGAR can lead to serious long-term health issues. Fortunately, there are a variety of sweetening alternatives that contain important nutrients that conventional sugar lacks.

Blackstrap molasses, in particular, offers several health benefits alongside its rich, complex flavor.

Potential Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

Enjoyed in moderation, you can use it to add a hint of sweetness to many foods. Each teaspoon also provides several important vitamins and minerals.

Other health benefits of blackstrap molasses include the following:

It can help prevent anemia. One tablespoon of blackstrap molasses contains 20% of the iron you need each day.

Anemia — a condition that results in a lack of healthy red blood cells — is often caused by iron deficiency. If left untreated, this type of anemia can lead to extreme fatigue, weakness, or shortness of breath.

It can make osteoporosis less likely. A single tablespoon of contains 10% of the calcium you need each day. Adults with higher levels of calcium tend to have better bone density and are less likely to develop osteoporosis.

It can help your digestion. Blackstrap molasses have long been used as a folk cure for constipation and other digestive issues. Recent research verifies its ability to address constipation in children.

Although lower in sugar and higher in nutrients than some sweeteners, it can still raise your blood sugar.It should be used in moderation, especially for people with diabetes.”**

** Source:

Containes pure crude unsulphured molasses. NO PRESERVATIVES.

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