Blizzard the Frosty Snowman


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When I saw this little frosty snowman, I couldn’t resist his charm!

Appearing as though he had just been in a blizzard, with his frosty top hat and his snow going in all directions, I knew I had to add him to my snowman collection!

With 2 tiny black eyes, a slice of orange wood for his nose and a country red plaid scarf, this snowman seems like many others. This little frosty snowman, however, is more than that! He has delightful tiny jingle bells (buttons) running down the front of his rounded body. He is clearly on a mission with a destination in mind as he carries a cinnamon stick, a balsam fir branch and some berries.

Blizzard the frosty snowman stands approximately         high and has a weighted bottom so he can be adjusted to stand upright. Because of the weighted bottom he is less likely to tip over so he will look nice no matter where you put him!

I have a snowman collection that I display every year. I set up my mantle with faux greens, white twinkle lights and light blue LED snowflake lights. Then I place different snowmen amongst the greens; every year I try to add a different snowman. I try to find unusual ones or ones that I fine extraordinarily cute or charming, so that I have a nice variety. Because a snowman isn;t necessarily a holiday decoration, mine remain on my mantle through February! I fine the lights give a nice warm glow during the cold and dreary winter months.

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