Blueberry Pancake Mix


As a member of our ‘Brown Bag Pantry Mixes’, our True Blue blueberry pancake mix is not only the solution to my busy life but also the answer to my family’s desire for a big farmhouse breakfast.
Our all-natural blueberry pancake mix is made from scratch, just like grandma used to make, and is so easy too! Simply add water, and egg and you are on your way to having a spectacular ‘home cooked’ meal.

A pantry must for anyone that enjoys ‘made from scratch’ foods but doesn’t have a lot of time!

Perfect for any holiday or special occasion or just because you love the taste of blueberry pancakes!

Be sure to always keep a bag or two of our blueberry pancake mix on hand.  Great for the holidays or whenever you’re in the mood for a big country breakfast! A quick dinner idea too!

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As a member of our ‘Brown Bag Pantry Mix’ collection, True Blue Blueberry Pancake Mix is sure to please!

Simply add water and an egg, if desired, to our blueberry pancake mix and you are off to having an all-natural and delicious breakfast! Anyone that tastes these blueberry pancakes, will be convinced that you spent hours preparing them. Our pancake and waffle mix allows you to serve them an all-natural, high quality breakfast without any of the fuss that you would have, if you had made them from scratch! The simplicity of 0ur blueberry pancake mix allows you to have the quality of home made pancakes, just like Grandma used to make, but without all the mess.

I love to smother my blueberry pancakes with lots of melted butter and then drenched in all-natural maple syrup. I add a couple of pieces of bacon on the side, and I am in heaven! Although, another nice way, and less filling too, is to simply serve our blueberry pancakes drizzled with our Wildflower Honey. I cut up some fresh fruit for a side and I have a delightful and nutritious breakfast!

Blueberries are good for you too! Considered to be an antioxidant, blueberries have many other health benefits. A win win situation because they taste great and are good for you too!

True Blue Pancake Mix contains wheat flour, freeze dried blueberries, rye flour, sweet whey, buttermilk, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. One 16 oz. brown bag  yields approximately 30 pancakes.

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