BOO Pumpkin and Ghost Blocks


These pumpkin and ghost blocks are a great addition to your Halloween decor! Created from wood, this unique little trio is sure to capture everyones’ eye!

Perfect to pair with seasonal candles, pumpkins or even as part of a display! More importantly, these pumpkin and ghost blocks are made to last and will become an important part of your Halloween tradition year after year!

A fun gift for the Halloween enthusiast or for anyone with young children!


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BOO Pumpkin and Ghost Blocks arrive to you as a set of three wooden blocks that together spell out the word, “Boo.”

Place this adorable Halloween pumpkin and ghost block decor on a shelf, mantle or even as part of a centerpiece!
The solid black ‘B’ along with a distressed, orange painted pumpkin with metal ‘vines’ and an ivory painted ghost, each form a letter, “O”.  Together, they spell out the word ‘Boo’.
I love to position my Boo blocks next to my jack-o-lantern. The two together create festive look which, therefore, is hard to miss!
Besides their festive appearance, these delightful little blocks are made of wood. As a result, this spooky collection will last for many years!
A fun and unique gift for newlyweds, kids or for anyone that loves Halloween!
Boo Pumpkin and Ghost Blocks measure 2¼” – 3″ high by 1¼” – 1¾” wide and 1″ deep.

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