Bread and Butter Pickled Yellow Squash


If you enjoy the taste of bread and butter pickles, you MUST try our pickled yellow squash slices!

They have the same delicious, old-fashioned flavor of the traditional bread and butter pickle but they are made from thinly sliced, premium yellow squash! Great on burgers and sandwiches. When put out in a pickle tray, their beautiful yellow color is sure to be an eye catcher and are delicious by themselves too!

Better pick up two jars though because you’ll find that the first one will be gone in no time! Wonderful to have any time of the year! A fun gift for the pickle lover in your life…

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If you enjoy pickles, you must try our bread and butter pickled yellow squash!

Tender and sweet, these pickled yellow squash slices are sure to tickle your tastebuds! Made from premium yellow squash, this unique delight is perfect by itself or even better when paired with burgers and sandwiches.

The conveniently sized slices of the pickled yellow squash, make them easy to eat. Sometimes when pickles are cut too thickly, they have a tendency to slide out of your burger or sandwich. Our pickled yellow squash slices are much thinner than the conventional pickle slice. Therefore, they are more likely to stay in your sandwich or burger!

Old fashioned flavor but with a twist! The beautiful yellow color of the squash will make any pickle tray stand out! For an outstanding pickle display, check out Gammy’s Pickled Vegetable Rainbow gift set. Green dilly beans, pickled red beets and pickled yellow squash will make your holiday table the talk of the party!

All natural ingredients:  Squash, onions, sugar, water, vinegar, salt and spices.

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