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Keep your buns, scones, or any bread warm all through dinner!  Heat bun warmer in oven or Barb-B-Que, place on a tea towel in a bread basket or enamelware bowl. Remove already warmed buns, bread or scones from oven and set on bun warmer then fold towel over them.

Safe, simple, re-usable; every kitchen should have one!

A great stocking stuffer/bridal shower gift idea too!

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Such a simple idea and so handy! Every kitchen should have a bun warmer, after all, who doesn’t like warm, fresh bread?

When you have a bun warmer, you can keep your buns warm all through dinner! Whenever you serve warm bread, there is nothing worse then having it get cool before everyone gets a piece, or until it has all been eaten. When you use our bun warmer, you will never have that problem again.

Simply put the bun warmer in the oven, while heating/cooking the bread or muffins, and when you are ready to serve, simply place the heated bun warmer into a basket lined with a tea towel or cloth napkin, and place bread items on top of it. Close up the towel or napkin to keep in the heat, and serve.

The bun warmer will keep the last muffin or slice of bread in the basket as warm and toasty as the first one out of the oven! Economical and great for the environment because there is nothing disposable! Use it over and over again!

5″ diameter disc made from natural clay minerals; maple leaf design on front of item.

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