Champagne Glitter Icicle Ornament


If you enjoy the look of a glistening Christmas tree then you will love these champagne glitter icicle ornaments.

Lightweight, yet durable, these beauties are sure to bring your tree from ‘nice’ to ‘beautiful’ and can become a part of your permanent tree decor! The look that is created by the lights bouncing off of the glitter, is amazing!

Be sure to grab a few and strategically place them throughout your tree. Stunning and unique, your tree will be the envy of anyone that sees it!

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Add elegance to your Christmas tree and place a champagne glitter icicle ornament throughout. The long slender look of the icicles reflect the lights from the tree and create a cozy, enchanted feeling. Elegant yet functional; if cared for, these ornaments should last for years and become a permanent part of your tree decor.
Each Champagne Glitter Icicle Ornament measures approximately 0.25″ x 7.50″ and is made from plastic, glitter.
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