Christmas Joy Cardinal Slate Sign


Christmas is here and its time to spread the joy and cheer with our Christmas Joy cardinal slate sign. Decorated with a big beautiful bright red cardinal, it is sure to make your house the envy of the neighborhood.

Be sure to hang this on your door while you’re stringing up your lights and hanging your tinsel. Its strong slate base and durable leather strap will ensure it lasts throughout the snow and ice.

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Our beautiful Christmas Joy Cardinal slate sign should be number one on your Christmas list this year.

Many believe that the colors of fall foliage make autumn the most beautiful time of year. I think there is nothing prettier than a bright red cardinal sitting in an evergreen tree, which is covered in a blanket of snow. Our Christmas Joy Cardinal slate sign encapsulates this image, with a red cardinal posed on a green bough decorated with holly berries and pine cones.

The simple but elegant design of the Christmas Joy Cardinal slate sign will fit right in with your other decorations. It would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Whether hanging on your front door, or on the wall by your Christmas tree, it is sure to brighten up any room.

No coal for you this year, whether you have been naughty or nice you and your family can all enjoy this beautiful Christmas Joy Cardinal slate sign.

Be sure to check out the other slates in our slate sign collection for decorations throughout the entire year.

The measurements of our Christmas Joy Cardinal Slate are approximately 8″ wide by 10″ tall.  A piece of durable leather is used to hang it.

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