Chunky Sitter Christmas Dog Bone Delivery


During the holidays, it is fun to have festive items peppered throughout your home. Living on a farm, I can’t help but to gravitate towards holiday animal themed things. I especially enjoy finding things that are a little different or have a rustic or vintage style.

This adorable rustic red ‘Christmas Express’ truck, with a black lab driver, is on his way making a very important Christmas dog bone delivery! Nestle him among greens on your mantle or place him on a table; no matter where he is, his festive appeal will be apparent.

Unique and festive and the perfect holiday decor for any dog lover! Fun stocking stuffer too!

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If you are the mom or dad of a black Labrador retriever, or for that matter, any dog, then you will love this! Adorned with a Santa hat and red scarf, this determined little Lab, is on his way making a Christmas dog bone delivery! Whether his delivery is to his other canine friends or to see Santa up in the North Pole, we don’t know, but it is clear that this Christmas dog bone delivery is his priority!!

At Christmas especially, although I tend to overdue things all year long, I love to indulge our animals. Finding special treats for them is something that I really enjoy. Whether it is an extra large container of oatmeal for the bunnies, a big delicious pumpkin for Pumpkin the pig, or animal crackers for the goats and sheep, it is a great feeling seeing them happily devouring their special snacks! The chickens LOVE the residual fruit scraps from our Christmas morning fruit salad…they come running like crazy girls as soon as they see us approaching their outside pen. I think they are especially conditioned to running over, because whenever we have produce scraps or even left over cake from a birthday party that we may have hosted, we indulge them. Our egg customers say our eggs are superb compared to other fresh eggs they have eaten. Can’t be sure if it is because we have happy hens or whether it is the different things we spoil them with? Who knows…maybe it is a combination of both!

Anyway, if you have the same inclination to spoil your animals, like me, then you NEED to have this festive chunky shelf sitter with the sweet little Lab, among your holiday decor!

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