Coaster Set-Alcohol Ink Design


Featuring a beautifully colored unique alcohol ink design, this coaster set of four, was replicated from original artwork done by artists with intellectual disabilities and autism! Their artwork is displayed at the Friendship Heart Gallery in downtown Lancaster, PA.

This coaster set, with cork bottoms, will look beautiful no matter where it is placed. A wire holder is included with the set. too Great gift that has an interesting story behind it! A nice way to inspire anyone with special needs or autism too!

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This coaster set of four, is both unique and beautiful! The coasters have a cork base and are waterproof, so they can be safely placed on any table or surface. The cork helps to protect the surface from moisture, heat and scratches too. When not in use, a black wire holder is included with the coaster set, so they can be stacked and stored neatly.

Replicated from original artwork created at the Friendship Heart Gallery in downtown Lancaster, PA by artists with intellectual disabilities and autism, these stoneware coasters feature beautifully colored alcohol ink designs.

As a kid, I remember my mother’s coasters were unremarkable. Strictly utilitarian really. Fortunately, today a coaster set comes in so many shapes, sizes and designs, that it is actually fun choosing which ones you would like to have. I personally have different ‘themed’ ones in each of my rooms.

Our coaster set would make a wonderful gift. I love the fact that they were inspired by work done by artists with disabilities too. Such an interesting story behind them. Definitely not your typical, boring coaster set.  These not only have character but also would be an inspiration to anyone with intellectual disabilities or autism.

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