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If you like the taste of corn bread, then you will love our Country Corn Bread Pantry Mix. Whether you serve it with soup and salad or choose to add it to your breakfast menu, the moist and flavorful taste of our Country Corn Bread is sure to be a winner! I especially enjoy eating it when it is warm and just out of the oven. I smother it with butter and oh boy, is it good!

A member of our ‘Brown Bag Pantry Mix’ Collection, like all of our mixes, they are made from scratch, just like Grandma always did! Our Country Corn Bread is quick and easy to make too! Just add an egg, some milk and oil and you will have home made quality without all of the fuss!

For a quick and hearty meal, serve it with any of our soups! Be sure to keep a couple of bags in your pantry, you never know when you might need some!

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There is nothing like warm cornbread right out of the oven! The aroma of it cooking, flowing through the house is amazing! Sometimes when I make corn bread, I bake it in one of my cast iron skillets. I find that the even heat of the cast iron cooks it up nicely. When it comes out, I cut it up into squares and then I love to cover it with butter immediately so that it melts all over it.

Our Country Corn Bread mix is all natural and is made from scratch, just like grandma always did but without all the mess. Simply add egg, milk and oil and you are on your way to making a delicious, moist corn bread without all the hassle and in a fraction of time! Try pairing some country corn bread with our 3 Bean Chili Soup, Tomato Basil or Garden Vegetable Medley Soups. Like our corn bread, our soups are also all natural and easy to make!

Great when served with chili, soups or even as part of your breakfast! Sometimes if I have left over cornbread, I butter it and throw it on the griddle until it turns golden brown. Try some honey drizzled over it and you will think you have died and gone to heaven!! Have it with a cup of hot coffee and there is no better way to start the day!

Country Corn Bread Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, cornmeal, sugar, bakewell cream baking powder, salt.

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