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Crochet Scrubbies are a wonderful option for getting things ‘squeeky clean’. Use them for dishes, pots, pans and you can even use them for scrubbing vegetables or potatoes too! I even keep one in my bathroom for scrubbing the sink and tub. Sponges will get dirty and will harbor germs and bacteria; one of the many wonderful things about our crochet scrubbies, though, is that you can toss them into your dishwasher! When they come out, they will be clean and totally sanitized, just like new!
Crochet scrubbies can be used over and over again and are the perfect option for cleaning!

The inventoried colors of our crochet scrubbies will vary therefore, the orders shipped will be based on availability and completely random.

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Colorful crochet scrubbies have so many uses! Everyone should have at least a couple of them in their home. Wash your dishes, scrub your pans or clean your veggies with these adorable and bright little wonders.

Crochet scrubbies are great for scrubbing potatoes or apples too. I also keep one under the bathroom sink, with my cleaning supplies, for scrubbing the tub and shower stall. While sponges will collect bacteria and become quite unsanitary, by periodically throwing your crochet scrubbie into the dishwasher,you will be able to keep it clean and sanitized too.

If you have tried our Aunt Ida’s Goat Milk Laundry Soap and have used it as a stain remover stick then you might want to use a crochet scrubbie too. Simply wet the soiled fabric and rub on Aunt Ida’s soap. Next, use your crochet scrubbie to scrub out the stain. I keep a scrubbie exclusively for removing stains from my laundry. I keep it next to my washing machine, with a bar of Aunt Ida’s soap; when I need to remove a stain, I have everything right there!  The porcelin enamelware bowl or soap bowl is a great place to store the soap and scrubbie while not in use.

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