Valentines Day Crystal Angel Wing Necklace


What better Valentine’s gift could you give? We all have people that we care about and love. Throughout life, the best gift for them is to be healthy and safe from harm. Many believe that we all have Guardian Angels that watch over us, guiding and protecting us through life.

Whether this charming, sparkling Swarovski Crystal Angel Wing necklace is given as a simple reminder of your love on Valentine’s Day or you want to emphasize to them that they are not alone, especially if they are sick or going through a rough patch in their life, no gift could have such impact or be more meaningful.

Unique, beautiful and a Valentine’s gift that they will alway cherish!


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A Valentines Day gift that will be cherished forever!
Each Swarovski crystal angel wing necklace comes with a 19.5 inch chain and is presented in a red velvet draw string bag.
Guardian Angel Prayer
Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide.
Guardian Angels – Celestial Servants
One of the most treasured beliefs held by many people is that each person has an appointed “guardian angel” to watch over them. Although the Bible never uses the term “guardian angel,” there are examples of angels being assigned to protect human beings (Acts 12:6–10). Angels are celestial messengers that move at the speed of light to carry out God’s will (Psalm 103:20–21). In times of peril, “guardian” angels are God’s servants sent to rescue us (2 Kings 6:13–17). They involve themselves in political affairs of nations as well as the smallest concerns of children (Isaiah 37:33–36; Matthew 18:10).The most significant characteristic of angels, is not their supernatural power or their magnificent beauty. Angels, specifically guardian angels, are compelled to work on our behalf. They are anxious to hear and carry out God’s Word. Their inexhaustible love for God motivates them to protect and guard what is most precious to Him, His children.
This beautiful crystal angel wing necklace is the perfect way for you to show your love; we all need protection in this life so why not have wear this simple, yet elegant reminder that someone is watching us and giving protection from above!

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