Damson Plum Preserves


When you taste our Damson Plum Preserves you would swear you were biting into a delicious, sweet plum! With a mildly sweet taste, our plum preserves do not overpower you with too much sweetness. Rather, they have a nice authentic plum taste that is mildly sweet.

These preserves are great on warm, buttered scones, toast or biscuits! They are something a little different, that may not always be available in most stores; I especially enjoy serving them during the holiday season! Of course, once you taste these preserves, you may decide that you want to serve them more often.

Try some today and be sure to pick up an extra one, to keep in your pantry!


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Aside from being delicious, you might say that Damson plum preserves have some health benefits too!

Damson plums are high in vitamin C and riboflavin as well as dietary fiber. Their real value comes in their minerals, including significant levels of potassium, phosphorous, copper, manganese and magnesium. Furthermore, damson plums have certain antioxidant compounds that have a healthy impact on those who eat them. Because Damson plums are high in iron, they are a great fruit for boosting your RBC count too!

If you are not familiar with the taste of plums, when ripe, they are juicy and sweet. They have a mild flavor that isn’t overpowering but enough so that you can appreciate their flavor. Our Damson plum preserves also offer plenty of flavor with each bite but like the fruit, are not overpoweringly sweet.

If you are looking for something a little different for your holiday breakfast table, you should offer Damson plum preserves this year! Serve with warm biscuits, scones or muffins and you cannot go wrong. Try them as a topping on some buttermilk pancakes or crepes and see how quickly you go through the jar!

To spice up your holiday cookies for the neighborhood cookie swap, try making some ‘Santa’s thumbprint’ cookies and use our Damson plum preserves for the jam in Santa’s thumbprint. Not only are plums associated with the holiday season but also, the combination of flavors will be magnificent!

The ingredients used in our all-natural Damson Plum Preserves are Damson plums, sugar, citric acid, pectin. 16 oz. jar.

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