Dog Tag Pet Charm “If I’m Outdoors I’ve Escaped”


There is no worse scenario for a pet owner than for their animal to escape. ‘Inside animals’ are more vulnerable because being outside can be scary and overwhelming for them. This dog tag is a worthwhile investment to help ensure your pet’s safety in such a situation!

Made from high quality hard enamel, this engravable dog tag pet charm is perfect for listing any important information about your pet. Add their name and contact information or any vital health issues the animal may have.

This durable and vital dog tag is the perfect safeguard for your animal friend. Be sure to get one today!


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A practical embellishment for your pet’s collar. This dog tag is a must for any ‘indoor only’ animal.

First, this is a high-quality, durable enamel dog tag collar charm. “If I’m Outdoors I’ve Escaped”, tag makes it clear to anyone that sees your pet alone, that your dog is an indoor animal and they have escaped!

Second, anyone encountering your lost pet, knows to hold on to them. This dog tag pet charm, clearly communicates the gravity of the situation. Be sure to engrave pet’s contact information/vital health issues on the back. Therefore, people can call you immediately if your lost pet is found.

A lost or escaped pet is an owner’s worst nightmare, be proactive and help safeguard your dog with this pet charm!

Each dog tag pet charm is attached to an illustrated dog backer card in plastic bag, for a nice presentation. Back of the charm is safe to be engraved without damaging the front enamel.

Dog tag pet charm measures: 1.25″ Diameter, Card: 3″ x 5″

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