Duck Yard Donations


You can help our ducks! We are in desperate need of a duck pond and although ducks and geese can live without a pond, our friendly fowl would definitely appreciate one! Unfortunately, food, bedding, fencing and veterinarian care  require most of our revenues, leaving little or nothing for the construction of a duck pond. We’ve been slowly raising money for a couple years now – and have maybe 50% of what we need to make it happen. The quotes we had been working off of when we started this effort have drastically increased which was a bit of a bummer. Now since COVID and the financial repercussions on the entire farm, we are losing faith we will see this particular project happen this year.

Please make a duck pond donation today! All donations will be used specifically for the construction of the pond.

Dalby Farm is an educational facility that hosts school field trips and special community events which translates into hundreds of children/visitors each year. Although people are slowly becoming aware of the perilous situation that faces many rare farm breeds, the most important aspect of any conservation effort is education. Being exposed at a young age is particularly important: children that have positive experiences with animals and nature early in life, will be more likely to grow up to be conscientious participants in our global ecosystem.
Operating an educational facility and providing stewardship for so many rare breeds is not an easy or inexpensive undertaking. As we do not receive any grants or financial assistance, all of our income is from our programs, events and our Country Store, which go towards the cost of the care/upkeep of the animals. Your support is what keeps us going.  Any and all funds generated for the ‘Duck Pond’ will be used specifically towards its construction. Please donate today!


The majority of animals living at Dalby Farm are rare farm breeds ranging from rare poultry to rare livestock. We have several rare breeds of both ducks and geese living at the farm who now enjoy a duck pond thanks to your kindness! We are working on the finishing touches to the pond itself, and are actively installing greens and other enriching aspects to their yard. All donations will help this goal.

Your donations help us carry out our mission which is to expose people to these amazing breeds and to teach them about their value in our world. Animals and nature have so much to offer and it is very important to remember that in nature, everything is intertwined. What affects one thing today will ultimately affect many other things, down the line. If people do not start to address this problem, it will be too late and once a species becomes extinct, it is lost forever

Some Food for Thought:

  • According to the World Wildlife Federation there are fewer than 2500 Giant Pandas left in the wild. There are currently 80 livestock and poultry breeds with similar or fewer animals in their population. There are less than 350 Arapawa Island Goats that live in the entire world; six of which reside at Dalby Farm.
  •  About 20% of farm animal species are endangered, says the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization and they estimate that one in five species of farm animal is in danger of extinction. In fact, 190 have perished in the last 15 years — about one breed a month. The globalization of livestock production is the “biggest single factor” impacting farm-animal biodiversity. Society is focusing heavily on creating specialized, super-productive livestock. A mere 14 species of animals provide 90% of the human food supply. The importance of maintaining animal genetic diversity and preserving these threatened breeds will allow future generations to select stocks or develop new breeds in order to cope with emerging issues, such as climate change and diseases.

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