Everything but the Bagel Seasoning Mix


Whether you sprinkle our Bagel Seasoning Mix on top of your bagel or choose to use it as a seasoning for chicken, beef, pork or burgers, you’ll see why it is so popular!

Try some on your salad; to spice things up, serve it with eggs! This bagel seasoning mix can also be used to make a delicious spread. Simply mix it with cream cheese, hummus or even create your own flavored butter!

It is certainly delicious with bagels but why stop there? The possibilities are endless with this delicious seasoning mix. Grab some today!

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Our bagel seasoning mix has endless ideas for adding flavor to just about anything!

The all natural ingredients in our Everything but the Bagel Seasoning are  sesame seeds, minced garlic, mined onion, poppy seeds, celery seeds and sea salt.

Our bagel seasoning mix arrives to you in a resealable bag and has a net weight of 3 oz. NO PRESERVATIVES.

Revenues generated by your purchase helps with the cost of the upkeep of the rare farm animals living at Dalby Farm. These animals are, therefore, considered to be ‘Ambassadors’ of their breeds and are a critical part of the children’s educational programs offered at Dalby Farm. For more information visit www.dalbyfarm.com.

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