Fancy Easter Duckling with Hat


The minute I saw this retro-styled fancy duckling with hat, it became apparent to me, that he had to become part of our Easter collection! His sweet face and innocent demeanor is so typical of that era…a time when things were simple.

Made of wood and paper, he is sure to last and can become part of your holiday decor for many years to come. Create a festive and unique display on your mantle or table, by adding other items from our collection. Add some  decorated Easter eggs into the scene, for even more fun!

Great as a hostess gift for for anyone who enjoys retro Easter holiday decor!


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This adorable retro styled Easter duckling with hat, hatching from an Easter egg makes a festive addition to your Easter or spring decor. Whether you place him on a table, include him as part of an arrangement or create a mantel display, his unique and cheerful demeanor is sure to compliment any look!

For Easter, this vintage style Easter duckling with his fancy black hat, along with several other vintage style Easter stand ups, is arranged on my mantle. I add some Easter egg garland and arrange some clear twinkle lights throughout it, which creates a warm and festive look! In between the stand-ups, I nestle some rustic spring chicks and a few bunnies that I had obtained years ago, along the mantle in order to complete the look! Whenever anyone visits, or sees the mantle, they always comment on its charm! My grandchildren love it too!!

His style, along with the attention to detail shown on the egg and flowers around him, is reminiscent of days past. Anyone familiar with that era, will certainly be transported back to the innocence of their childhood upon seeing him! Wearing a fancy black hat, he is ready to impress!

Because he is made of wood, he should last and could become part of your annual spring or Easter decor. Pair him with some of the other vintage Easter stand ups or displays in our collection.

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