Felted Wool Catnip Toy


Every kitty deserves a felted bell catnip toy! Made from actual raw sheep’s wool, this toy is not only one of a kind but is sure to provide hours of fun for your favorite feline friend!

Each ball is hand-crafted from all natural wool that has been felted around a bell. It arrives in a re-closeable bag and packaged in premium catnip. As soon as the catnip toy is removed from the bag, the feline fun begins! When kitty is done playing, place toy back in bag with catnip to recharge the catnip scent.

Jingling bell, rolling ball and a catnip crazed kitty…who could ask for more?! Fun and unique pet gift for any animal lover!

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Our Felted Bell Catnip Toy is for you if you have a special feline friend, and want to make them happy!

The felted wool toy is is hand-crafted and made from sheep’s wool that is felted around a bell. The wool is minimally processed and therefore in its most natural form and completely safe for kitty. Each felted bell toy arrives in a re-sealable bag containing premium catnip.

Remove catnip toy from bag and the fun begins! Your cat will have endless fun playing with this all-natural  toy and will go wild as a result of the strong catnip scent! When the catnip scent begins to fade, put the ball back in the bag to ‘recharge’ the toy.

If the ball becomes fuzzy and misshaped from over playing, put it through a washer and the dryer cycle and the wool will tighten back up. Once again, place it into the bag with the catnip and you are ready to begin again!

With this woolen ball of fun, you will never have to worry that your kitty is being exposed to anything dangerous, like many of the cat toys out on the market. Because it is made in the USA and from wholesome items, you can just relax, watch and enjoy as your favorite feline friend goes into a frenzy of fun! In fact, your cat may never want to put this catnip toy down!

Be sure to pick one up for your favorite kitty today!

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