Felted Wool Dryer Balls-4 Adorable Styles!


These adorable eco-friendly felted dryer balls are good for the environment, save you money and do not have any chemicals or toxins that will bother your skin.

Shorten drying time by up to 40%, depending on the size of your load.  For best results, toss between 3-6 felted wool dryer balls into the dryer. The more balls you use, the quicker your clothes will dry and the softer your laundry will be.

You can finally say good bye to those expensive  dryer sheets that are not only full of chemicals but also are harmful to the environment. Each dryer ball lasts for thousands of loads and eliminates chemical buildup in your clothes and dryer too! A smart and sustainable investment!

**Indicate the design you prefer in the note section of the order form. If we have them available, we will send them along; otherwise, you will receive random designs and can look forward to a surprise when you receive your order!

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Felted wool dryer balls help to save you time, energy and money! Available in 4 adorable styles: Sophie the sheep, Sammy the sloth, Petunia the pig and Percy the penguin!

With every load of laundry, you will shorten drying time by up to 40%, depending on the size of your load of laundry. These felted wool dryer balls help to reduce static cling and wrinkles too!

Don’t worry if you are allergic to wool because these are safe for anyone with wool sensitivities. They are environmentally friendly, unlike typical dryer sheets, and are chemical free and fragrance free. Perfect for baby diapers and clothes1

For fresh scented laundry,  you can easily add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to the darker design on your dryer ball.

How to use:

Toss 3-6 wool dryer balls into the dryer. The more balls you use, the quicker the clothes will dry. On the first use only, use your wool balls on a matching load. White laundry for white and gray balls. If you don’t have a matching load then just slightly wet the wool balls and let them run in the empty dryer for approximately 10 minutes on a short heated cycle.

Because these felted wool balls are handmade and are crafted from the purest organic wool, they may slightly lint on the first use. After the first cycle, you will be able to use them on any kind of load and they won’t lint.

Remember to always use a moisture sensitive setting on your dryer because the dryer balls soak up moisture in your dryer by absorbing up to 30% of their weight in water. By using a moisture setting, you won’t over dry your clothes, which could produce static cling.

When not in use, store them in a well ventilated area. Do NOT ever store in a plastic bag.

If after use, you notice pills forming on your balls, that means they are working. They will not pill on your clothing.

Each felted wool dryer ball is individually hand felted and made with 100% premium New Zealand wool. The wool is cruelty free and then sun dried.

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