Friendly Wooden Ghostly Trio


This chunky wooden ghostly trio may have intentions of scaring you this Halloween but with their cute facial expressions, coupled with their adorable pumpkins and signs, it just isn’t happening! In fact, they seem like they would be more of a friend than a foe!

Ranging between 5″-7″ tall, they are perfect to use as the focus figures of a holiday display! Pair them with seasonal candles, mini pumpkins and gourds or this gleeful group would even look great standing next to a chrysanthemum plant on a table!

Because they are made of wood, they are made to last and will become an important part of your Halloween tradition year after year! A fun gift for the Halloween enthusiast or for anyone with young children!




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Our Friendly Wooden Ghostly Trio is a set of three adorable wooden ghosts that is sure to be the base for a perfect fall scene. Each ghost has lightly distressed edges and a black painted, spooky or smiling expression. The ghosts in this wooden ghostly trio vary in size, and each is accented with an orange pumpkin or a “beware” sign. This festive bunch makes a great addition to any holiday decor and because they are made from wood, will last for years

Anyone who has children around or simply enjoys decorating for Halloween will want to add them to their holiday decor!

This wooden ghostly trio measures between 5.5″ to 7″ high by 1.75″ – 2.25″ wide.

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