Nate’s Fruity Breakfast Topping Sampler


If you enjoy preserves and marmalades then you will love this crate. Named after one of our beloved goats, ‘Nate’s’ fruity breakfast topping sampler allows you to try some of our most popular pantry breakfast items!

Whether you spread strawberry rhubarb jam on your breakfast scone, stir blueberry preserves into your oatmeal, dole out spoonfuls of orange marmalade onto your english muffins or jazz up your pancakes with apple butter, you will love this sampler crate! Your day is guaranteed to get off to a great start when you add Nate’s fruity breakfast toppings to your morning menu. A pretty colored glass serving bowl* paired with a high quality stainless steel demitasse spoon add charm to this tasty and fun sampler crate.

A scrumptious gift item that will provide mouthfuls of pleasure! Ideal for holidays, birthdays or just because Nate’s fruity breakfast toppings are the best!

Remember, ALL gift crates arrive with a ‘SHOP FOR A CAUSE’ insert which indicates that revenues received by the purchase of this gift, not only help to sustain the rare farm breeds living at the farm, but also help to support the children’s’ educational programs that are offered. It is a win:win for everyone!

*Serving bowl colors and styles may vary. Be sure to use the code  ‘CRATE’ at checkout to save $10.00 on shipping! 

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Nate’s Fruity Breakfast Topping Sampler offers a great way to sample some of our tasty jams, marmalades and fruit butters! Our all natural, premium products are so tasty that you may find it difficult to limit yourself to breakfast when you serve these fruity breakfast toppings!

Named after our beloved goat Nate, this sampler crate will never disappoint. If you are looking for a unique and high quality gift item, that can be shipped and delivered right to their door, then Nate’s Fruity Breakfast Topping Sampler crate is for you! Pretty colored glass serving bowl* paired with a high quality stainless steel demitasse spoon add charm to this tasty and fun gift crate.

If you want your Orange Marmalade to have a rich and sweet orange flavor, then you will go crazy over ours! Made from pure sweet orange juice and packed with tender, delicious orange peel, this orange marmalade is sure to ‘hook’ you with just one bite. Net weight 10 oz.

If you like rhubarb or relish the taste of strawberry rhubarb pie, then our Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves are for you! An all-natural, old-fashioned New England favorite which is sure to tickle your tastebuds.
Strawberry rhubarb preserves are made from sun ripened fruit (strawberries, rhubarb), sugar, fruit pectin, and citric acid. All natural; no preservatives. Refrigerate after opening. Net weight 10 oz.

Our delicious, all-natural Apple Butter is made from fresh, sweet apples, pure apple juice, sugar, and spices. A fall favorite and tasty on just about anything! No preservatives. Refrigerate after opening. Net weight 9.5 oz..

If you like blueberries then you will love our blueberry preserves. Our all-natural blueberry preserves are not only delightful on any type of bread or muffin but also, they can be heated up and served over pancakes or even used as a topping for ice cream! Great when stirred into oatmeal too! The ingredients in our Blueberry Preserves are blueberries, sugar, pectin and citric acid. NO Preservatives; refrigerate after opening. May contain seeds. Net weight 10 oz.

Be sure to use the code  ‘CRATE’ at checkout to save $10.00 on shipping!*

*Coupon is valid only on orders being shipped.

Each Nate’s Fruity Breakfast Topping Sampler includes literature describing how your purchase is helping us; the recipient will not only receive a delightful gift but also, will realize how your purchase is making a difference! It is win:win for everyone!

SHOP FOR A CAUSE!! Every purchase you make helps us! Revenues generated by your purchase helps with the cost of the upkeep of the rare farm animals living at Dalby Farm. These animals are considered to be ‘Ambassadors’ of their breeds and are a critical part of the children’s educational programs offered at Dalby Farm. For more information visit

*Serving bowl colors and styles may vary.

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