Fun in the Sun, Simply Summer! Toddler Enrichment & Social Time


Offered for Children ages ~2ish – 5
EXPANDED AGE! We are flexible! 12 months and under can come / are free!

4 weeks  or 8 weeks (1 hour a week)
Tuesdays  – 9:30 am
Session 1:     July 11th- August 1st      Session 2:  August 8th – September 5th
Thursdays – 9:30am
Session 1:  July 6th- July 27th     Session 2: August 8th – September 5th


 Saturday Set: July 8th AND August 5th, 9:30am-11:30am (1 two hour session a month)

 If you would like “First to know” for session announcements please send me an email.

PLEASE NOTE! These groups will not meet the week of AUGUST 14th as the entire farm will be closed! Thank you!

$85 per child/caregiver, $30 each sibling.
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Hello Summmmmmer! Farm friends, who is ready!?

I am a firm believer in simple, old fashioned fun. I spent so much of my childhood outside, bonding with our animals and exploring all of natures wonders… I want that experience to be out there for all who want it!

As you may have come to know, our program is very laid back. We gather and socialize in the beginning and then we spread out and explore the farm. Some weeks we do chores, other times we’ll do art… just wait and see! I can promise toys and the like each week though!

But HOLD ON! It’s SUMMER! It’s gonna be hot right?! On select days during each session (always announced ahead of time) – I will open some of  our time together with optional WATER fun! Whether it be a sprinkler, small splash pad or water table… the option of cooling down will be yours!

Through these fun encounters,, we have seen so many your little ones open up and learn about themselves in social settings. Confidence grows, memories are made, and meaningful connections to nature, art and people develop! Each child can feel comfortable socializing at their own pace.

Worried your toddler won’t want to participate in the activities? No problem! Go and explore the farm for the hour instead.  We’re an easy, laid back family farm – happiness is the goal! Lots of other things to keep you busy while you’re here!

We can’t wait to have some simple, old fashioned fun on the farm with you!

*Parents/caregivers are to come with their children, this is not a drop-off program.

*Weather  – Heavy rain / severe thunderstorms/dangerous heat will be cause for cancellation. Some of this is hard to navigate/predict- so we will always intend to meet unless otherwise expressed as soon as we know.  We cannot offer make-ups if you choose to skip a class.

Please read all details outlined below. By completing this transaction you are acknowledging and agreeing to all the terms laid out on this page.

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Things to note:

*Feel free to bring a peanut-free snack to enjoy.
*The portable restroom will be on site for this session and all to come.
*Additional adults can come,  add to your order here. Children 12 months and under are free / 1 year olds etc. are welcome for the same added fee as adults ^.
*We cannot offer refunds for individual days missed. The program is completely non-refundable once it begins.
*Once paid, you have up to 10 days prior to the first session  to cancel for a refund. After that we can only reimburse you if we can fill your spot.

-We are a very laid back group and understand the day to day variabilities that come with toddlers. Come and do our planned activities, or come and do your own thing. Whatever makes you happy!

-WATER ALERT! I intend to bring out the sprinklers, water tables, and splash pads on some of these weeks. I will have it out of immediate sight so if you don’t want to participate, the kids won’t easily see what they’re missing…. That said- wear a bathing suit under some play clothes… please bring a towel, sun screen, water shoes, extra clothes!

-Heavy rain / severe thunderstorms will be cause for cancellation. Sometimes these are hard to navigate/predict- so we will always intend to meet unless otherwise expressed.

-We cannot offer refunds your or make-ups for classes you don’t come to. We cannot transfer your missed classes to other versions of our Toddler Enrichment & Social Time due to tied expenses & planning.

-We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a session due to low enrollment. We will notify you with your options should this be necessary. Thank you!

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