Good Dog Advent Calendar


This festive and fun dog advent calendar is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas with your favorite canine friend! Daily numbered pockets can be filled with your pet’s favorite bones/treats.

Use the jingle bells as a way to get your pets attention as you offer their treats each day. Before long, they will come running whenever the bells ring!

With a Merry Christmas greeting on top and jingle bells lining the bottom edge, this dog advent calendar will certainly add a festive touch to your home!

Grab a box of our peanut butter Christmas dog cookies too!

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Our vintage style dog advent calendar will make everyone look forward to celebrating Christmas with your pet!

The dog advent calendar features Santa with a “Good Dog”, and has daily numbered pockets that can be filled with bones/treats.  It is sure to create a feeling of excitement for your special pet each day, leading up to the holiday.

A “Merry Christmas” wish with a decorated holiday tree design makes this dog advent calendar a festive must for your holiday celebrations. Start a new tradition and jingle the bells that line the bottom of the calendar each day, to remind your canine friend that it is time for a treat!

The top of the advent calendar is embellished with fabric loops with a rope for easy hanging too. It will look great hanging on the the kitchen wall, or anywhere you put it!  Just be sure to hang it in a place so that everyone can enjoy watching as your dog receives their daily treat!

If you have kids, giving the dog their treat can become a new tradition. This dog advent calendar can be used over and over again, from year to year!

This advent calendar measures approximately 15.50″ x 28.25″ and is made of felt, cotton, wood and metal.

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