Green Enamelware Herb Sign


As I live on a farm, an herb garden is a must for me! Aside from the aesthetic benefit, not only do fresh herbs give recipes that extra 'zing' but also, there are many medicinal uses for them.
This adorable green enamelware 'herb' sign is the perfect addition to my herb garden area. Whether you have a specific garden area or grow your herbs indoors, this unusual enamelware sign is sure to add character no matter where it is hung.

Perfect for outside but would look great hung on a kitchen wall too!

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If you have herbs and like enamelware, then this sign is for you!

When I saw this green enamelware herb sign, it was obvious that we had to get some for our Country Store!

For me, enamelware is one of my weaknesses! Whether it is serve ware or pots, somehow, I am always drawn to it. It lasts forever and to me, screams country living, so having it around in any and all forms, is a no brainer for me! This cute little green enamelware herb sign is a great addition to any enamelware collector.

Herbs have always been something that have interested me too. There are so many uses for them; they say that there is a cure for everything in nature….and I believe that herbs are certainly a piece of that puzzle.

I have a nice herb garden here on the farm and have one of these green enamelware herb signs hanging on the wall of the building that borders it. Many people have commented on what a fun and unique addition it is to the garden area!

It measures 2¾” high by 4″ wide.

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