Hand-Packed Spiced Peaches


Carefully hand packed in quart jars, our all-natural Spiced Peaches have the subtle taste of clove. I enjoy having them as a healthy dessert with vanilla ice cream or sometimes I serve them as a wonderful and healthy addition to breakfast. For the kids, I offer spiced peaches as an after school snack. They love eating them and I don’t mind because they are wholesome and nutritious!

Be sure to keep plenty of spiced peaches in your pantry; they make a thoughtful hostess gift too!

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Delicious, all-natural hand-packed spiced peaches with a taste of clove. The texture of these peaches is remarkable; sometimes I have eaten other canned peaches and their texture has been either ‘rubbery’ or they disintegrate in your mouth as you eat them. Not these! Our peaches taste just like they were picked off of the tree. If texture is important to you then you will love these spiced peaches.

Spiced peaches are great to eat anytime! Sometimes I will have them as part of my breakfast, or for an afternoon snack. The other night I spooned out a few halves from the jar into a bowl and served them with vanilla ice cream! It was the perfect  dessert…and good for you too!

Spiced peaches are made with peaches, sugar, water, vinegar and spices. 1 quart jar. No preservatives are used. Refrigerate after opening.

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