Heart Wick Dipper


Prepare your candle for the next lighting the proper way with this Heart Wick Dipper. With a rustic look, and made from 14-gauge black iron wire, this wick dipper is designed to extinguish the flame by dipping the wick into the wax. The hook on the end, helps you re-center the wick in the candle so it is ready for the next lighting.

Anyone that enjoys having candles around their home needs one of these! By keeping your candle wick prepared and centered, you will not only maximize the life of your candle but it will burn cleaner too! A wax covered wick will light easier as well.

Pair with our lavender dough bowl candle. Fun stocking stuffer or add-on gift too!

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This charming Heart Wick Dipper is made of 14-gauge black iron wire with a hook end and heart-shaped handle. It is designed to push the wick into the candle’s melted wax to extinguish the flame then lift wick out and re-center it, and therefore preparing it for the next lighting.

The wax on the wick assists candles so they will light more quickly and burn cleaner. Each heart wick dipper measures 7″ long and can be easily hung or stored in a drawer.

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