Honeycomb Pillar Candle with Timer


Brighten up any room in your house with our honeycomb pillar candle. Equipped with a timer, the ‘flame’ from this candle will emit a warm,  beautiful  glow. Once set, the timer will automatically turn on or off; you’ll never need to deal with the stress of having to remember to blow it out!

Perfect for the window sill, mantle place, or centerpiece on the dining room table! With a rustic, simple look this versatile honeycomb pillar candle will brighten up any dreary winter night as well as a late night summer gathering with friends.

Wonderful as a gift…a must have for any home!

**(Black tray with mini-pumpkin fill not included).

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Our charming honeycomb pillar candle with timer, is a must have decoration for any home!

Its simple and unique design will compliment any room and style. Perfect for any occasion, this honeycomb pillar candle will make a radiant addition to any table or dress it up yourself to make it the center of attention. Turn the switch one way, you will have a continuous light; switch it the other way and it will stay on for 6 hours and automatically shut off. After 18 hours, it will light up again automatically!

Sand, shells, and other decorations can be added to the base of the candle for a seasonal look; be sure to check out our mini pumpkin set for a fun autumn flair! Battery powered with a timer, this honeycomb pillar candle offers all the beauty of a lit candle with no need to remember to blow it out.

Our honeycomb pillar candle can be a great gift idea to welcome a friend into a new home or a treat for yourself to unwind and relax by. The tasteful honeycomb pattern is a unique spin that will light up any room with a warm, golden glow.  

3 AAA batteries required. (Not included).

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