Hot Pepper Relish


If you like to spice up your food then you will love our hot pepper relish! Not too hot but loaded with flavor, the perfect combination for sure!

Whether you top your hot dog, stir in a dollop to your home made macaroni and cheese, or smother your turkey sandwich with it, our hot pepper relish is sure to turn a good meal into a great one!!

No pantry should be without a few jars of our hot pepper relish, once you’ve had a taste, you’ll find yourself putting it on everything!

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Add a dollop of our hot pepper relish to your next sandwich or meal, and see the difference it makes!

My family loves to add different sauces and condiments to our meals. Whether it is a type of hot sauce, BBQ sauce or even horseradish mustard, they’re always adding something.  The day I introduced our hot pepper relish to them, there was no turning back. They literally put spoonfuls of it on everything, including my home made beef stew!

The hot pepper relish adds a kick, but is not too much and definitely enhances the flavor of your food. In fact, my husband comments on what a delicious combination it creates, when added to the different foods he eats!

All natural ingredients in our hot pepper relish include  peppers, jalapeños, onions, sugar, water, tomatoes, salt, mustard seed, celery seed and natural vegetable gum. NO preservatives. 16 oz. glass jar. Refrigerate after opening.

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