Jolly Old Santa’s Magic Key


This jolly, nostalgic ‘Santa’ is, for many, how they envision the true Santa Claus. Christmas is a magical time, especially when you’re a child. Jolly Old Santa’s magic key is ideal for the child that lives in a home that does not have chimney access for Santa.

Simply hang the key on the door and Santa can enter the house and ‘do his thing’! Any worries your child may have about Santa’s entry are gone!

Great for anyone with young children or grandchildren. A fun family tradition too!

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Jolly Old Santa’s Magic Key is a must at Christmas if you have small children and a chimney isn’t an option!

Jolly Old Santa’s Magic Key is a fun tradition to add to the holidays!  Add more fun on Christmas Eve! When the children are getting ready for bed and they hang their stockings and leave out milk and cookies for Santa, they can also hang the Magic Key on the entry door knob for Santa. By giving Santa a way to enter the home to deliver the gifts, any child that might worry because they don’t have a chimney, is suddenly relieved.

Attached to a double-sided, vintage looking, wooden adornment is a magic key. An instructional expression is written on the back side of the key’s tag revealing how Jolly Old Santa’s magic key is to be used. The poem is as stated below:

This key is very special you see,
it won’t work for you or me.
Hang it just outside your door
go to bed and worry no more.
Close your eyes and close them tight
cause Santa Claus is coming tonight!

This Jolly Old Santas magic key has a vintage looking Santa appearing on the front of the festive red tag. There is an antique looking ‘magic key’ that is attached to the tag so that when Santa arrives, it is there for him to use to enter the home!

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Approximate size of Santas magic key is 3″ x 6″ and it is made of metal, paper and wood.

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