Lemon Raspberry Marmalade


Bursting with delicious flavor, lemon rasperry marmalade is a combination of fruit that is not only great with breakfast, when spread on toast or breads but also, is an unexpected and delightful companion to chicken too! You may never Shake n Bake again!

Bake a home made bread or some English Tea Scones, wrap them up in a pretty dish towel and place in a basket. Throw in a jar of lemon raspberry marmalade and you have a thoughtful gift for any occasion!

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Lemon Raspberry Marmalade: A delicious duo of sweet red raspberries and tangy lemon flavors. A taste you won’t soon forget!

If you like marmalades then you will want to try this as it is a wonderful combination that is light and tasty; not too tart but not too sweet. Packed with fruit, it is delightful to eat every day or especially appreciated when served at a holiday or special occasion. Lemon raspberry is an unusual marmalade flavor that once you have tried, you will wonder how you existed without it!

Lemon raspberry marmalade is also great when heated and spread on chicken or pork.

Ingredients in lemon raspberry marmalade:  Lemon peel, sugar, 100 % pure orange juice, raspberry juice concentrate, fruit pectin and citric acid.

All natural; no presevatives; one pint jar. Refrigerate after opening.

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